You asked; I’ve answered!

Posted on Jun 2, 2016

Thanks for asking all those questions! I'll get right to them, but first some information on the episodes so far, including titles for episodes 1005 and 1007 (Oh what a good Blog Whisperer am I!)

  • Episode 1001: "There Will Be Changes". Written by Heather Conkie. Directed by Bruce McDonald.
  • Episode 1002: "You Just Know". Written by Mark Haroun. Directed by Bruce McDonald.
  • Episode 1003: "New Kid in Town". Written by Ken Craw. Directed by Eleanore Lindo.
  • Episode 1004: "New Horizons". Written by Heather Conkie. Directed by Eleanore Lindo.
  • Episode 1005: "Something to Prove". Written by Mark Haroun. Directed by Ken Filewych.
  • Episode 1006: "The Green-Eyed Monster". Written by Bonnie Fairweather. Directed by Pierre Tremblay.
  • Episode 1007: "Riding Shotgun". Written by Pamela Pinch. Directed by Chris Potter.

So I know that will keep some of you happy. Also, I thought I'd include a photo taken last year on set of Heartland's Showrunner and head writer, Heather Conkie. The writing team has some very interesting things happening this season. But then again, they always do, don't they?

Now to tackle your questions...

KDoolittle asks, "Lobo the dog, Where did he ever disappear to?"
A: Lobo was 14 years old when he started on Heartland as Mister Hanley's faithful dog. In the season he was on he found it very hot under the lights and because no one wanted him to be uncomfortable he was used sparingly. Sadly, he has since passed away.

Ella asks, "When do you think heartlands season 10 will premiere?"
A: Well, since the date of Sunday, October 2 was being bandied about at the CBC Fall Launch in Toronto last week, I think we are going to go with that.

Mallory Holst asks, "Have they announced a US telecast station yet?"
A: No, but the second I can I will. Season 9 will be available in parts of the United States in September. Hang in there US Heartlanders; the news should be good for many of you.

Heartland addict asks, "What's the funniest thing that has ever happened on set?"
A: In 9+ years there have been a lot of light moments, and many of them are included in the blooper reels that are included on the season DVDs. Not one specific thing stands out, from the brief poll I took of cast and crew.

Bill Sims asks, "I have to ask: when you say "Grande Prairie Stompede (NOY a typo!)"... that's actually a typo?"
A: Actually I had not intended to write NOY instead of NOT, but when I read it after posting I found it funny in its context and decided to leave the mistake in. But it was unintentional, although it worked really well. Sometimes a blind pig finds an acorn!

Dale Smith asks, "My question concerns Amy being pregnant. Will the show speed up the 9 months or slowly let it happen. For some reason I just don't see Amy and Ty being parents not that they would not be good parents."
A: Production is being very crafty and sneaky about not releasing the timing of when the new addition to the series shall arrive, and I have to respect that. I can tell you that one will arrive, so you will see Amy & Ty being parents.

Jillian asks, "I know you said you were looking into it but I wanted to know if you heard anything from Netflix about taking heartland off and why they are doing that?"
A: Heartland was taken off Netflix Canada as of yesterday. As of today it is back!!!!!!! Yesssssss!

Trisha Hemphill asks, "Will you still be filming in July and is it possible to watch a filming?"
A: Except for three week long hiatuses filming continues until the first week in December. But filming is closed to the public. Having many fans on set would be disruptive. Charity auction winners and Make A Wish Foundation children are of course, exceptions.

Chevy Drummond, "Someone needs to tell the writers/producers to get Ian Tracey back for season 10! Even make him a main character.........tell Mr. Tracey himself that we want more of him!! Wade and Ty bring out the best in each other and I love the action scenes! He is one of my most favorite actors and I can't get enough :) Heartland is my all time favorite series, I've even written my own episodes. PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE tell somebody to get Ian Tracey back!!"
A: I always think it's sweet when the parent of an actor writes in as a fan! KIDDING! Thanks for the comment, Chevy; the writing team will be sure to read your plea.

Isabelle Klassen asks, "Hey BW, what's your favourite Jisa moment?"
A: For those of you not hep, Jisa is a contraction of Jack + Lisa. I suppose it is better than "Lack," no?
To answer Isabelle's question, I think the wedding was my favourite moment. They both looked so good and it really was sweet.

Lacie Langford-Robinson asks, "Are there any plans for another Shane appearance, or a character mentioning him, this season?"
A: I do not have an answer for you, other than any character returning or getting mentioned is always a possibility.

Samantha Singleton asks, "Is Tamy going to have the baby in season 10 or no?"
A: Ah, the original Heartland fan contraction: Ty + Amy = Tamy. To answer your question - YES - We will see a Tamy Baby.

Randy asks, "Will you be releasing the Season 10 homepage photo soon?"
A: That would be tough, for no gallery photos of the cast have been shot yet. Expect the new homepage in September-ish.

Felicity asks, "I wish I lived in High River:( Love the show so much! Are there any breaks between blocks or is it just continuous work throughout filming? and how long do you all work in a day?"
A: The blocks are continuous, but there are 3 hiatuses, each about one week long, so the out of town cast and crew can return home for a visit. Each work day generally gets completed in twelve hours or less. The odd time it runs a little over.

milly asks, does Mallory/Jessica Amlee come back?"
A: I have a stock answer: Unless someone has died there is always a chance they could return to Heartland. But I have no news on guests this year.

Ria asks, "Is Peter still going to be in season 10?"
A: Every main character from season 9 is returning. You've not seen the last of Peter Morris. Nosiree Bob, er... Ria!

Marie asks, "Are there going to be other kind of animals that play a big role? I'd love to see some goats or something like that."
A: Bob Granger's reserve has allowed for a few different species to be introduced on Heartland. This year we know a caribou will be in the series, and I have a strong suspicion there will be other interesting animals to come later in the year.

Gloria Turner asks, "If an actor happens to get sick what then?"
A: Production adapts. If they arrive at work they are usually good to go. The odd time adjustments have to be made to the schedule if an actor suddenly becomes ill during the work day. But one way or another all the scenes do get shot.

Jaimee Ballard asks, "Will Amy still be doing work with horses throughout her pregnancy?"
A: Of course. You can't keep a horse whisperer away from her passion!

Penny Kudirka asks, "Eager to see season 9 in the U.S. When will it be available?"
A: In September. I will let everyone know where when I can.

Pauline asks, "Hello ! I'm just curious, and I wondered, what is the process after the shooting? At the moment the actors are filmed. The block 1 is going to end and the block 2 is going to begin. But after being turned, what are the steps until the episodes are on television?"
A: Pauline - that is a great question and I will devote an entire Thursday blog to it. Watch for that in the near future.

Scott Spears asks, "CBS has a policy against using any suggestions given for any CBS shows submitted by fans at their site on the internet. Even the CW network site has the same policy, since it is owned by CBS. Does the CBC have a similar policy? Are writers banned from getting ideas for the series here?"
A: (Shortest Answer Today): No.

pokemon cat moon asks, "Where did Ty get is gmc truck from?" in Heartland ?
A: Well, since the first time we saw him in the very first episode he was driving it, we have to assume he owned it prior to coming to Heartland. He probably purchased it off of someone. This has never been addressed in the scripts.

Terry Brac asks, " I have 2 questions. The first is on average how many scenes are in one episode of Heartland. Second question is what happened to the horse Lightning Dexter. Amy fought for him not to be sold in the claims race and Tim gave in and gave the horse to Amy who then turned him into a jumper. What happened after that? I know Tim gave the second race horse back to Janice but I am asking about the first race horse.
A: 1) On average an episode has about 50 scenes.
2) The writers say we have to assume that Lightning Dexter successfully re-homed the horse."

Ada Chadwick asks, "I LOVE Heartland. I think It’s the best show. I’ve got a few questions, hope you don’t mind. Thanks so much for your amazing blogs, BW!!!!"

  • a) What has been the most difficult thing for an actor/s to do while filming the show?
    A: It varies! Really we would have to ask each of them. I may do that.
  • b) How old are Amy, Ty and Georgie meant to be in the show?
    A: Amy was 16 at the start of season 2, so that makes her 24 this season. Ty is a couple of years older and Georgie is 14.
  • c) Do Heartland reply to fan mail? A: If you address it to a specific actor it will be delivered. It may take some time, but the cast is good at responding.
  • d) I love keeping up with the news on Heartland and I don’t have social media. I’ve noticed that a lot of the exciting news is on Facebook. Do I need to get Facebook if I want to comment, interact with other fans and ask questions? Is it possible for you to post some the important things you post on Facebook on the blog as well?
    A: Over 280,000 fans like Heartland on CBC on Facebook. Many things posted there appear here, but it is a very cool site for any Heartland fan to be on.


jtaylo32 asks, "How tall is Graham?"
A: I'm guessing here - about 5'10". Both Shaun and Chris (Jack and Tim) are well over six feet tall, and they are often in cowboy boots.

JoJo8029 asks, "Just wondering if Heartland directors have made use of drones for any shots in the past - and whether they intend to do so in future?"
A: Off the top of my head I can think of two times last season when a drone was used. Once was during the corn maze scene and another was at the end of an episode when Ty and Amy went out of Heartland on a motorcycle. And yes, drone photography can be effective so it is always a possibility.

Kate asks, "My question is, why do they have "Shaun Johnston as Jack" but for all the other characters they just have their name but it doesn't say "as whoever they play"
A:That's just the way the title's were decided upon. It draws a little more attention to Jack, who certainly is the patriarch of the family. Looks like it is effective because you noticed it!

Heartlandemotion asks, "Is Mitch going to play an important role in season 10? and "What happened to Cassandra's pregnancy?"
A: Mitch is certainly in season 10. It will be up to each viewer to decide how important that is. And Cassandra had a false pregnancy reading; she was never pregnant.

Supergirl asks, "Guessing you can't reveal the fifth title cause it could give too much away regarding Amy's pregnancy."
A: Ha ha ha ha ha! Don't try to over analyze reasons things happen on this show.

Ada Chadwick asks, "Will Heartland Memories be back this week, BW?"
A: While Heartland is in production there is lots going on on the social media pages, so Heartland Memories will take its own hiatus until there is a break in the production schedule.

WHEW! I got through them all. If your question wasn't answered it may have been asked earlier by someone else.

Next week I'll be back with more news and stuff. Until then I remain, as always, obediently yours.