Why do you love Heartland? Create a video!

Posted on Sep 2, 2014

Like I wrote on the blog last week, and as you can see, the Heartland site has been redesigned -- and it’s not too shabby, eh?

Now I know because it’s Tuesday you’re expecting another one of my patented Blog Whisperer Time Killers (which I post every week as we wait for new episodes)… and that’s what I have for your today.

BUT… this is a big one, and a very, very special challenge. This one will be difficult in a different way, but I know will be very rewarding, and hopefully pretty cool! (I know I think so!)

What I want you to do is simple; post a video of yourself talking about why you love Heartland, and why it’s your favourite show. You can shoot the video on your phone, or your computer or your camera, and then post it online for everyone to see. For you younger Heartland fans -- you may need to ask your parents for permission and help.

I’d suggest posting your video on YouTube or Vimeo, but if you have a public Instagram account, you could upload it there -- even Tumblr if that’s your sort of thing.

And when you post your video, make sure you use the hashtag #WhyILoveHeartland in your title or description, because we want to get Heartland fans all over the world to use the hashtag for their self-made videos. And if you share your video on social sites like Twitter, use that hashtag with your video as well, I don’t want to miss seeing it!!!

Actually, when you publish your video, come back to THIS blog post and leave a comment with a link to your video -- I don’t want to miss it, and there’s a good reason why…

I’ve heard Amber Marshall and Graham Wardle will have some time in September to actually watch a few of YOUR videos, and someone will be around to record a video of them while they check them out… that sounds pretty cool, right??

So, sounds like fun and a great way that YOU can help get the word out about Heartland. And don’t forget, Heartland premieres on Sunday, Sept 28 on CBC Television… tick… tick… tick…