What if you ran Heartland?

Posted on Jul 15, 2014


A few weeks ago I had you put on your creative thinking caps and tackle a pretty tricky "what if" dilemma, where you had to make a tough choice if you were Amy.

The responses were so awesome that this week I'm going to have you unleash your creativity again, but this time the decision won't be as agonizing.

Basically it's a simple question - if you owned the Heartland ranch what would you do with it?

Now, for the purpose of this week's Time Killer I want you to pretend that there are no Heartland characters in your scenario; it's just you and perhaps your family and whoever else you might want to include.

Would you keep it as a cattle ranch / horse rehabilitation farm? Or would you use it for something else? Would you continue to run the Dude Ranch? Would you, like Marion and Jack, continue to take in troubled kids and help steer them down the right path?

There are other possibilities and I'm sure some of you are thinking of them already.

Well, I want to read them, as I'm sure others do as well. So have at 'er, Heartlanders. Start off your comment below, "If I owned the Heartland Ranch..."

Oh Boy - this is going to be fun!!! I hope you enjoy this chance to be creative, because I know me and all the fans will enjoy reading your submissions!


As for last week's Spot the Differences Time Killer, congratulations to Calida Marie, who correctly spotted the 8 differences, which were -

1) Salt and Pepper shakers shifted
2) The table leg is inside (or outside) the beam
3) Middle screw on Ty's chair is not in one of the photos
4) Joe's car is missing a light in one of the photos
5) Joe's hand is missing a ring in one of the photos
6) In one photo the slats of wood Ty is sitting on are not there
7) There is an extra horizontal bar on the gate in one photo
8) Joe's car is missing a side mirror in one photo.