What are these ladies smiling at?

Posted on Aug 11, 2016

This photo from season 9 caught Alisha Newton and Amber Marshall in a jovial moment between takes in the first block of filming.

A lot has happened since then - today production is busy filming the start of episodes 1009 and 1010. And, our countdown of the days until season 10 premieres on CBC in Canada on October 2 is now down to fifty two (52, count 'em). That's 52 sleeps, Canada.

And on November 1 season 9 is being released on DVD by our good friends over at eOne Entertainment.

So that's really all I have for Canadian Heartlanders, other than to make you aware of a Shaun Johnston appearance August 26-28 near Ottawa. Go to the bottom of this page to learn about that.

But now it is a continuation of happy times for American viewers as I am about to reveal who else is going to be broadcasting season 9 of Heartland in the United States, in addition to UP, who yesterday announced they were back showing new seasons of Heartland this fall. Want to see Amber Marshall make the announcement on UP's website? Go here.

Today I am extremely happy to announce that the following two networks will be broadcasting season 9 of Heartland, beginning October 1 -

The CW Plus is a national feed of The CW Television Network, owned by The CW Network, LLC (a joint venture between Time Warner and CBS Corporation, which each maintain a 50% ownership interest). This will enable small market towns, from Savannah, GA and Reno, NV to Palm Springs, CA and Anchorage Alaska to broadcast season 9 of Heartland. If you are in a market that has a CW Plus Station, you will be able to watch Heartland. Check local listings.

The LeSEA Broadcast Network is an American Christian network based in South Bend, Indiana. With them playing Heartland the following communities will be able to watch season 9 - Indianapolis and South Bend IN, New Orleans, LA, Tulsa, OK, Honolulu, HI, Colorado Springs and Denver, CO and St Croix, VI. So yes, the Virgin Islands will now be able to watch Heartland.

Anyway, before America only had UP. Now they have up and the roughly 120 stations the above two networks represent. And starting in October all of them will be playing Heartland every week pretty well all year.

Note: UP has seasons 1 thru 8. It is now starting to air season 9, as are the above new (to Heartland) stations. Please check and see if you are in an area that has one of these stations and enjoy!


And hey Ottawa area folks! Shaun Johnston is the celebrity guest star for the Weekend Symposium of Horsemanship at Liberty Lane Farm in Inkerman, Ontario, on August 26 - 28. Shaun's appearance is on Saturday, August 27th.

There's a Meet & Greet is scheduled from 3:00 to 5:00pm. Tickets are $25. Everyone will be able to have a few moments to chat with Shaun and have their photo taken with him and they will receive an autographed photo card. If you are interested it is strongly advised you get there early.

Then Stories & Song with Shaun starts at 7:00pm. Tickets are $20. Shaun will sing and play guitar and share stories about his life and working on the set of Heartland. Steve McMullen will be Shaun's guitar accompaniment.

Proceeds for this Weekend Symposium of Horsemanship go to the Make-a-Wish Foundation of Eastern Ontario.

To purchase tickets, directions and more info, go to libertylanefarm.net

That's it for me this week. My apologies for the weekly blog being late, but as we all say, better late than never.

Next week I promise I will have this up in plenty of time.

Until then I remain, as always, obediently yours.