What a day!!!

Posted on Jun 25, 2015

Yesterday was a very special day on the set of Heartland, as over 500 fans came out to an outdoor arena not far from the Heartland ranch, where they became part of season 9 as background extras; an audience at a rodeo.

I've often written that Heartland's fans are among the best in the world. What I didn't know was how many would travel from around the world to be a part of this special day of filming. Among the over five hundred fans who were selected on a first come basis were people from all corners of North America, from California to Missouri and from Washington State to New Brunswick. There were also fans who call Ireland, Germany, Japan and France home. And I'm not making any of this up!

The fans were there from 7:30am until 2:00pm and everyone seemed to have a great time. In addition to watching scenes being filmed, the crowd was entertained by Amber Marshall (Amy) who addressed the guests when filming was not going on, while riding Spartan.

So here are some photos from the day and above you can watch a short film that captured the excitement. If you were not there I hope it gives you a glimpse of what it was like. If you were there, see if you can spot yourself as you relive the day.

Thanks again to all who came out; 500 lucky fans who are part of the best fan base in the world any television series could hope for.

No filming next week as the Heartland production company is on hiatus, but your ever-faithful blog whisperer will be back with another blog on Thursday, along with a good reason to watch CBC Television on Friday, July 3!

Until then I remain, as always, obediently yours.