We’re taking a week off, but…

Posted on Jan 26, 2017

Because a lot of big events are broadcast on Sundays, television's favourite family drama sometimes has to take a back seat to other programming. An annual occurence, the NHL All Star Game is again being broadcast on CBC in three days time, and because it will run past 7:00pm in the Atlantic provinces and perhaps also in Ontario and Quebec there will be no new episode of Heartland this Sunday.

If you are in the west the All Star Game - which airs in the afternoon live from California - will be over by 7:00pm, so for you CBC will be offering a rerun of Heartland episode 1008: "Here and Now." That's the one where guest star Nicholas Campbell returns as Jack's friend Will Vernon. The episode originally aired on November 20.

Now I know some of you in the west will say "Why can't you run a new episode for us?" The reason is if one time zone in Canada cannot play a new episode of Heartland at 7:00pm then no time zone will get a new episode of Heartland at 7:00pm. Otherwise it would get a little confusing, don't you think?

So the next new installment of the Heartland saga will be on the following Sunday - February 5 -when episode 1012: "Sound of Silence" premieres. The following two Sundays will also have new episodes. Sunday, February 12 will see episode 1013: "Home Sweet Home" air while February 19 will be the premiere date for epiosde 1014: "Written in the Stars."

There. Now you are up to date on when the next few episodes are going to be shown. I really do not have any additional news, so I dug up 10 never-before seen production photos from this season. Well... actually there are 11.

That photo of Amber at the bottom of this blog? She really wants to let you fans know something special is happening shortly in one of the upcoming new episodes. It's been a bit of a secret. In fact, every member of the cast & crew has been good keeping it quiet.

What is it? I'm happy to say you've got less than a week to wait, for I'll be posting a special simple photograph here, and on our social media pages next Wednesday, February 1. Watch for it!!! (Seriously - when I write "Watch for it" and follow it with three exclamation marks you know there is something going on.) So do watch for it next Wednesday, February 1 on this same blog.

Other than that? I've really got nothing other than to tell you to enjoy the last days of January. I'll be back next Thursday with a new blog and photos from episode 1012. Until then... oh wait. I'll be back here next Wednesday with a special photo for everyone. Hee-hee!

Until then I remain, as always, obediently yours.