Week 4 winner of - and the answer to - the Heartland Trivia Contest!

Posted on Mar 26, 2010

4 weeks, 4 trivia questions and 4 winners! Click though for the scoop!

Congratulations go out this week to Phoebe P. of Cochrane, AB for correctly selecting 17 as the number of places the Heartland brand - the stylized sun behind the mountains - appears in the series. She wins the final week's prize of the complete Season One and Season Two DVD package, AND a production script of this Sunday's Season Three finale, "In The Cards," signed by writer Heather Conkie and actors Amber Marshall, Shaun Johnston, Michelle Morgan, Graham Wardle and Jessica Amlee.

Okay Phoebe, spill: we're are all dying of curiosity, was this a guess, or do you have a keen eye for the brand when you watch Heartland?

I'll let you in on a little secret. When I came up with this question, nobody (and I mean NOBODY) knew the answer! So to be sure I had the correct number I consulted the production designer, AND the art director AND the costume designer of Heartland and found out where the brand found its way on to the show. Then Ken Filewych, one of the editors of the series, volunteered to sit at his work station and rapidly scan through all 47 episodes to verify that the brand did indeed appear on screen so that it could be identified. Thanks, Ken! In one case - the promotional flyer - it could be seen if you were watching it in high def, but if you were watching on standard definition television it was unclear. That was why I gave you that one as a clue.

So, the 17 places the Heartland brand appears?

In the clues and copy I gave you 1) the gallows entrance gate, 2) Jack's belt buckle and 3) the Winter Wonderland promotional flyer. Here are the other fourteen places where it appears -

4) on Jack's bolo tie when he dresses up,
5) on the hearth screen in the ranch house fireplace,
6) branded on a hide, framed on the wall in the living room of the ranch house,
7) on the Heartland Equestrian Retreat website,
8) on Lou's appointment calendar on her computer,
9) on the flag Lou carries in Sweetheart of the Rodeo,
10) on the large gift certificate Scott wins in the Hudson Derby,
11) on the banner on the barn in the Season One open house,
12) in white on the back side of the barn,
13) in white on the red horse trailer - seen in Season One,
14) on the teepee at  the dude ranch,
15) the logo appears in the television commercial for the Heartland Equestrian Retreat,
16) on the stationery in the guest rooms at the dude ranch,
17) and finally, on the soap guests receive at the dude ranch.

Yep, it was a tough one, but tough was what you asked for, and with 5 multiple choice questions it did give everyone a chance to enter and at the very least make an educated guess!

So congratulations again to Phoebe P. and thanks to all who entered over the past four weeks. Heartland complete season DVDs for each of Season One and Season Two, distributed by E1 Entertainment, will be appearing in stores across Canada starting May 4.

And although this contest is over, make sure you come back here to the blog on Monday, as I'm going to have something unique where YOU can be a part of helping Amber Marshall - who plays Amy - make an important personal decision.