Watch Amber at the Calgary Stampede Parade tomorrow

Posted on Jul 2, 2015

I do hope everyone is enjoying the early days of summer.

As most of you are aware, Production is in the middle of a hiatus and will be back filming the last day of block 2 (Episodes 903 and 904) Monday.

Yesterday was Canada Day (belated happy 148th, homeland of mine) and tomorrow is something that's been around for over a century as well - the start of the Calgary Stampede.

Now what kicks off the annual July event is a massive parade that is broadcast by (who else?) the CBC and this year Amber Marshall (Heartland's Amy Fleming) is returning as a street reporter, and she will be doing so in a manner that is most agreeable to her - riding on a horse. That is the start of the good news.

The additional good news is that Canadians can watch the parade; if you can get CBC Calgary then you can watch the parade live tomorrow at 9:00am Mountain (Calgary) Time. The parade broadcast will last two hours, so there is plenty of time to watch Amber as she interviews those participating in the parade.

If you get CBC Television, the network will broadcast the parade the following day (Saturday, July 4) across Canada at 2:00pm Eastern (Toronto) Time. This means it will also be broadcast at 11:00am Pacific (Vancouver) Time, 12:00noon Mountain (Edmonton/Calgary) Time, 1:00pm Central (Winnipeg) Time and 3:00pm Atlantic (Halifax) Time on the same day (July 4).

But wait! Now if you don't get a CBC Television signal, or even if you do, the parade will be live streamed tomorrow right here - at 9:00am MT (11:00am ET, 12:00noon AT and 12:30pm in Newfoundland).

So here's everyone's chance to watch Amber live, covering the Stampede Parade for the CBC. I hope you can do so.

There will be tweets from the parade as well tomorrow, showing Amber as she covers the block.

Please note - Amber will not be in the actual parade, so if you are attending the parade and are hoping to catch sight of her you better be near where the CBC cameras are at the start of the route.

Other than that. enjoy the summer and next week I will have some more production news for everyone.

Until then I remain, as always, obediently yours.