UPDATED - Michelle responds! - Congratulations to Michelle Morgan!

Posted on Apr 4, 2011

Michelle has big news... Click through to the blog post to read it!

In a wonderful example of life imitating art, Michelle had a little girl (7 pounds 3 ounces) on Friday April 1st at 6:55PM.

Please note: we will not be having a contest to name this baby... Mara Carmen already has a lovely name!

So, if you would like to offer your congratulations and best wishes, this is the place!

You asked for it, you got it!

A reply From Michelle Morgan!!!!!


Hi Everyone,

Thank you so much for all your messages.  Mara, me and Derek (her Daddy) are all doing very well.  She is beautiful little girl with sandy brown hair (I think the summer will make her blonde) and blue eyes.  She has a huge appetite, which makes me happy but also keeps me up all night :P

Anyways, Mara will be coming with me to work on the next season of Heartland, so she will basically grow up on set.  She will truly be a Heartland baby.

Thanks again everyone, and Mara says what's up!

-Michelle and Mara

P.S. Here are a couple of pics:



and she had this to add, in response to a few questions:

It's Michelle again, I noticed everyone keeps asking about the significance of the name Mara Carmen so I thought I should explain.   Mara was my Grandmother's name, so that's simple.  Carmen is a special name for me.  I was born on the feast day of the Virgin Mary del Carmen (In english she's sometimes called the Virgin of Mount Carmel).  Then when I was 6 months pregnant and on a vacation in Portugal I had to go the hospital and I was really worried for the baby.  I was passing by a little church and I quickly said "If the baby is okay I will name her after this church".  Turns out the church was dedicated to the Virgin Mary, so Derek and I chose Carmen.  The next day we went into the church and saw a big statue of the the Virgen del  Carmen inside, so it seemed right.  That's the story of her name.



**And everyone, just to clarify, because there seems to be a ton of confusion around this: Mara will not be appearing on Heartland. The role of Lou and Peter's baby (when required) will be played by a set of twins. Michelle means that Mara will be around behind the scenes while Michelle is working.