Tuesday Time Killer - Getting creative with cash

Posted on Jan 20, 2015

Well here we have an unexpected time killer Tuesday.

Say whaaaaaaat?

"Wait a minute, television's favourite Blog Whisperer," you might respond, "I thought we only had time killers on Tuesdays when there wasn't going to be a new episode of Heartland the following Sunday."

"That's correct!" I would answer.

"But... but..."

Okay, at this point I'll abandon the dialogue which I'll gladly leave to the talented Heartland screenwriters and I'll just explain why the broadcast schedule has been slightly altered, and why something I said would never happen is happening!

As you know, airing Sunday means Heartland occasionally gets pre-empted by the CBC because occasionally there are specials, such as this Sunday when the NHL All Star Game is being carried by CBC.

Although it may be over in many time zones by 7:00pm, CBC would be unable to show Heartland at 7:00pm in Atlantic Canada and this following rule doesn't budge - unless all of Canada can see it at 7:00pm (7:30pm NT) no new episode will air anywhere in Canada.

When the original schedule was being set up for Heartland last fall it was uncertain whether or not the CBC would be airing the All Star Game. Well they are. The good news is, if you're a fan of hockey and Heartland you can happily watch the All Star Game this Sunday, knowing you are not missing any new Heartland episode.

However, the bad news is, is if you're a fan of football and Heartland, in ten days time there'll be a new episode of Heartland running against the Super Bowl. I always said this would never happen, but because of scheduling it is happening this year.

So those of you who say you don't care about American football - you can prove it by coming out in huge numbers on Sunday, February 1, when episode 812 premieres on CBC.

I'll write more about the schedule on Thursday.

But now for the Time Killer because today, by neccessity, is a Time Killer Tuesday.

This is going to be simple. If you saw last Sunday's episode you know that Caleb dropped off a big pile of cash which Amy and Ty were seen with at the end of the episode.

So here's the creative Time Killer: put yourselves in their shoes. If you were about to get married and a windfall (as in, say forty to fifty thousand dollars) dropped in your lap, what would you do?

Have a crazy big wedding? Make a hefty downpayment on your own home? Finally buy a new vehicle? That amount could go a long way to solving financial troubles.

So tell me in the comments section below - what would you do? And why would you do it?

As always I look forward to your answers. Entertain me, and all the other Heartlanders who enjoy reading these posts. Be creative, and have fun!

I'll be back with a new blog on Thursday.