Today’s Timekiller: Fantasy Producer Time

Posted on Aug 5, 2014

Every three weeks or so, instead of posting a puzzle, a quiz or some obscure trivia questions to try to baffle you (which is really tough to do), I have you turn to your creative side and come up with something relating to Heartland.

I am going to do that again this year in a Timekiller I am simply going to call “Fantasy Producer Time”.

Here I am going to give you two things to decide upon if you were writing or producing the series. Please feel free to respond to both.

A) A New Character

If you were producing this series what new character would you want to see introduced that would add some interesting stories to Heartland? Would it be another person from Ty’s past whom we have never met? Could it be another person Lou was close to in New York who suddenly appears? Might it be a fellow that Tim had a run-in with and he’s back to cause trouble?

Think hard about this, use your imagination and come up with a totally new character. Note: it cannot be anyone we've seen before, so people like Badger, Mrs. Bell, Ty’s mom, Chase and Blair are not to be included in the mix.

In addition, tell us what drama he or she would bring to the series and do you envision them being a full time character, or someone who lights up the screen for a couple of episodes and then leaves Heartland?

B) A New Location

Again, if you wanted to see an episode of the series shot somewhere other than in and around Hudson, suggest a new location and a reason for Heartland characters to go to that location. Might Ty go to a veterinary convention in the US? Should we see Amy go out to the Pacific coast and work with some horses on the west coast of Oregon? Could Lou return to New York and explore the possibility of moving her family there for good?

Again, think hard and come up with a cool location, and a storyline that would accompany going to your location of choice.

As always, I so look forward to read the creativity that is inside those Heartlander heads.

So give it a go; pretend you are a producer/writer and dazzle us!

Last Tuesday’s Timekiller

I suspect that Mystery_Girl is sitting patiently by her computer each Tuesday, waiting for these to come out, because for the second week in a row she's been the first in with the correct answers to the previous week’s puzzle. Way to go!

Last week’s Timekiller was a spot the differences puzzle and I think I made it a tad too easy, for a lot of you found all eight differences.

Oh well, there’s always next week for your favourite Blog Whisperer to try to confound you, and that is indeed what I'll try to do.

Until then…