Today’s Blog post - It’s the Months of Mallory, and some answers!

Posted on Apr 26, 2012

For the 3rd week in a row I'm getting all nostalgic with character photos from all the seasons of Heartland. First up was "Amy through the Ages," featuring 6 photos of Amy Fleming from 2006 - 2011, with one photo from each of the seasons and an early one from the pilot, which was filmed a year earlier than Season 1. I followed that up last week with "Ty through Time," giving you 6 photographs of Ty Borden from the same pilot episode and subsequent 5 seasons.

Well, this week I'm keeping that theme of alliteration alive (as best as I can...) with pre-the months of Mallory, by presenting some photos of Mallory Wells, portrayed through the years by Jessica Amlee, from the first 5 seasons of Heartland. Click on through and check 'em out at the bottom of the page!

Now you'll notice that I've given you two different looks from Season 2, since Jessica was not around for the filming of the pilot in 2006. Okay, now I know some of you are thinking, "Wait a minute... Mallory was in the first episode of Heartland. What are you talking about?!?"

Well, some of you may not realize this, but Mallory was not in the original pilot that was shot in 2006.  It was decided only after the first season was given the green light in 2007 to add the character of Mallory Wells, and so a couple of scenes were shot during the filming of episodes 102 and 103 - you may remember Mallory on the porch greeting Jack and Amy when she returns home from the hospital - and they were inserted into the series premiere. And now you know!

Anyhow, time marches on, and Jessica Amlee, who's turning 18 this summer, has been Mallory for one-third of her life! If Heartland didn't already exist and was being filmed for the first time this year, she'd probably be auditioning for the role of Amy!

This brings me to the thoughts of a lot of the fans (myself included) who've enjoyed Mallory with all of her fun quirks - and the fact that she's moved to Nashville. Maybe I should have called this post "Missing Mallory"!

Yep, there's no doubt about it -- Heartland has a void. But don't be alarmed, 'cause that void will be filled when Season 6 is broadcast by CBC Television in the fall. That's all I can really say for now, but when production begins filming next month I'm going to see if I can't get you some exclusive photos from the set. And more...


The big question here on Heartland on CBC's Facebook page for the past month has certainly been "Is there going to be a Season 6?" followed by dire prophecies and dark threats of what might happen if Canada and the CBC were suddenly devoid of Heartland...

Fortunately that's out of the way, and we know that everyone's favourite family drama will be continuing for another year. Yay!

So I can now turn to the questions that some of you have asked in here and on Facebook!

The awesome fan who runs the Heartland Horses fan page on Facebook (check it out!) asks, I was wondering if Jack's horse has a name?

To the best of everyone's memory the horse's name has not been actually spoken during the filming of the series, but it may be heard in the future. And yes, Jack's horse does have a name. The horse's name is simply, "Paint."

Chrissie asks, is there a way my 4H girls could be an extra on the show?

It's rare that Heartland has young girls on the show as extras, or "background performers," as they are called. Most of the time the extras casting department of Heartland uses professional agencies to fill in these positions.  Even someone doing something as simple as walking outside past the window of Maggie's is a professional hired for a day's work.

Heartland'N'Hollywood asks, When is the cast going to start filming?

The production office opened this week and everyone is scrambling like mad to begin filming around the middle of next month.

Teresa 4 asks, But just mean 18 episodes right?

I'm not sure yet. CBC will be having a big Fall Launch event on May 10 in Toronto for the media and at that time they'll be making a bunch of announcements and providing a lot more information. Until that time we really don't know how many episodes to expect for any of the returning series, including Heartland. The good news? May 10 is not that far away!

Abbee asks, Hey BW, any idea when season six will premiere?

No word yet, but I have a hunch we'll all hear on May 10. Traditionally Heartland has aired as early as the Sunday after Labour Day in September and as late as the first Sunday in October, so your guess is as good as mine...

Hally writes, My advice?...During the first 5 minutes of Episode 1...Ty - Ask her...Amy - Say "yes." Why is it I doubt the writers will make it that simple?

Why indeed, Hally... why indeed? :D

Alice wants to know, how old are all the characters in Heartland?

That's a tough one, but as explained at the top of this post, you know they're all aging as the years pass. What we do know is that Amy is now a couple of years past high school graduation, Lou is several years older than her, Mallory just turned 16, Tim is old enough to be Lou and Amy's father, Grandpa Jack is... well, older(!) and Ty is, by his own description, entering his mid-twenties. That is about the best answer I can give!

Brooke asks, Are there going to be any new main characters introduced?

I can't disclose much, Brooke, but reread my comments above about filling a void and you may find a hint there...

Emily asks, Have there been any substantial budget cuts for season 6 that could affect the show too?

Season 6 of Heartland would not be going ahead unless everyone was confident, from the production team to the CBC, that this upcoming season will be as good as or better than the seasons that came before.

Willa wrote, I would love to see Amy and Ty get married early in Season 6 and start a family toward the end of the Season. Am I rushing things a bit?

Let's see now, what was that word? Oh, I know - "yes." :D

Lindsay asks, I was wondering if the same horse plays Spartan throughout the seasons?

There have been as many as 6 different horses portraying Spartan, but Storm, the American Quarterhorse from the very first episode, is the main horse that portrays Spartan. Sometimes a different horse is used when Spartan is seen in the background, and sometimes a different horse is used for jumping sequences, but every time you see Spartan up close in any episode of Heartland, you are looking at the same beautiful horse. :)

Sandra asks,  I would like to know about the horses that have been on the show. Are they in the movie biz, have any of them been in other shows/movies?

That's a great question. Yes, they are all horses that behave well and are comfortable on a movie or television set, and they certainly could have been supplied to other productions. I'm going to get my spies on set to ask the wranglers and later in the year I will have a better answer for you. Once again - great question, Sandra!

Chara wrote (from the blog 2 weeks ago which listed the Rosie nominations) Congratulations to all those nominated! Much deserved. Question: Does Graham Wardle not qualify for a nomination because he is not from Alberta?

That's correct, Chara. The Rosies are only for those who live in the Province of Alberta. But Graham is eligible for a Leo Award, which is the equivalent award for those who are from British Columbia. In fact, he's been nominated in the past for a Leo Award for his portrayal of Ty!

Susanna asks, Can we vote for Heartland in Rockie Awards?

Sadly, no. Like the Rosies, the Rockie Awards are judged by a panel of professional industry judges. They are not a "people's choice" awards. If they were, you better believe I'd be getting you all the information you needed to cast a vote!

awesome cowgirl writes,  i was exploring and noticed last year u did some of those spot the differences/ word ladders during the summer seasons. I was wondering if u had any plans to do the same thing this year?

Totally, AC - this blog will be as alive and full of stuff as it was last year!


Okay, I'm getting blisters on my fingers from all this typing, but I did want to answer your questions, so now we can consider ourselves up to speed!

Have a great weekend and until next week, I'll be relaxing and thinking up fun new things to intrigue you with. That's what I do!

Blog whisperer... OUT!