The last blog of 2014 - a Time Killer word ladder

Posted on Dec 30, 2014

Where does the time go? I ask that a lot in these blogs but it always hits home whenever it's time to wrap up a year as we are about to do, saying fare thee well to 2014 and ushering in 2015.

Yes, it's the last blog of the year and because it's a Tuesday with no new Heartland episode on the following Sunday (Next new episode is in 2 Sundays on Jan. 11), it's time for a year ending time killer.

Before we get to that I want to remind everyone that tomorrow night (Dec. 31) on CBC at 8:00pm (8:30pm in Newfoundland) Amber Marshall will make a guest appearance as Amy Fleming on the Air Farce New Year's Eve special. It's sure to be funny and silly and it's an honour for the series to have fun poked at it. Be sure to watch it, Canada!

And in case you missed it, here's a video shot behind-the-scenes with Amber Marshall from when she was rehearsing for the special! 

Now, as for today's time killer, I have a 3 word wish for everyone hidden in the rungs of this 4 letter word ladder, where you fill in the words next to the clues, knowing that the word on any adjacent rung has only one letter changing to form the new word.

Give it a go - it's my way of giving you something to do to while away some time until we get our next new episode of Heartland in 12 days time.

Have fun!

   With 23rd and 35th rungs, my wish for everyone.

   Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers.

   What many superheroes wear.

   To deal with.

   Top dog at the Vatican.

   Slang for dad.

   Slang for policemen.

   Graduating classes wear these with gowns.

   Above a first lieutenant and below a major.

   What actors are to a series.


   Clench this in anger.

   An Italian automobile company.

   Male students in a college club.

   An apartment in the UK.

   The star spangled banner is one.


  Move in a steady stream. 

   Not speedy.

   White precipitation.

   Be aware of.

   To have understood.

   With first and last rungs, my wish for everyone.

   Once more; again.

   What a kitten might utter.

   Shortening of American Express.

   The peak of something.

   Gorillas, chimps and gibbons.

   The Greek god of war.

   Affirmative answers in voting.

   Say these to those departing.

   Often mistaken for wasps.

   What Ty and Caleb drink together.

   Yogi or Paddington.

   What we say goodbye to tomorrow night.