Time for a hat trick of fans in the stands!

Posted on Jun 4, 2015

Not long before the end of Season 7 and shortly after production had started filming Season 8, we helped arrange for hundreds of fans to come out and be background performers.

The third time's the charm, right? Cause we're doing it once again.

See how epic the above scene looks with the bleachers filled will background extras? All those good looking folks you see were fans who came out to watch some filming and be a part of their favourite series.

So then - LET'S DO IT AGAIN!!!

That’s right, Heartlanders in the Calgary vicinity. If you can make yourself available on WEDNESDAY, JUNE 17, you have an excellent chance to be a background extra in a scene from episode 903. It should be a blast, no?

So then, here are the full details…

On Wednesday, June 17, 2015 Heartland will be filming scenes from season 9 (to be broadcast this fall on CBC) and they need bleachers full of people to be part of an audience watching some rodeo scenes.

We are looking for 500 fans!

So, will you be in the Calgary / Millarville area? Two weeks from yesterday, on June 17 you and your friends could be background extras in scenes to be filmed in the area. Filming will take place from 7:30am until no later than 1:30pm. We'll have a public address system set up and between the cast and crew everyone will be informed and entertained through addressing all the extras who come out for the day.

Do YOU want to be a part of it? If so, and if you can be a part of this day of production, send an email to beinheartland@gmail.com and please provide the following information:

  • This sentence - "Yes, I want to be in the scenes on June 17, and I can be there from 7:30am to 1:30pm on that day."
  • How many will be attending (an exact number please)
  • The ages of each person attending *Where you are coming from (Calgary, High River, Millarville, Florida, etc.)

Confirmations, which you must print out and bring with you in order to get into the arena, will be emailed to the 500 people selected. These will have instructions on how to get to the location (which is less than a half hours drive south of Calgary), and other important things you should know. And I'll tell you up front - yes you can bring a camera!

The email address above is being used ONLY for this purpose. I cannot respond to any other questions.

The only way to become a background extra on June 17 is to send an email with the above required info. Only those who get a reply (the first 500 who email in) will be able to be a part of the day.

So that's my exciting news for today. If you're in the area, production is really looking forward to having you as part of the day of filming.

That's all I have for you this week, but it's still kind of exciting.

Next Thursday I'll have a new blog for you to read. Until then I remain, as always, obediently yours. And just think... you could be in an upcoming episode of television's favourite family drama! Woo-hoo!