Thursday’s ramblings, and Harry has a new name!!!

Posted on Apr 15, 2010


Well, it's Thursday, so I thought I'd give you a variety of items, answer some questions, drop some trivia and keep all of you in the loop on what's going on!

1) First, an announcement - Amber has made a decision after reading and rereading the thousands of name suggestions you came up with! Click though to find out!

Yes, she's has decided that her cute little horse - the horse soon not to be known as Harry - will from this day onward be known as (drum roll, please!!!) CASH. The shortlist was between CASH and ACE, but Amber felt Cash suited her horse better. But fans of "Ace", don't be discouraged; Amber is going to be naming her new puppy Ace so all will be right in the world!

Now there were a total of 11 of you - bronte, adele murray, Amy, nikki hiron, Emily Gabor, Madison Lane Fraser, Jess Tyler, Phoebs, Casey, and Jordyne - who all suggested "Cash" among their multiple suggestions (anywhere from 5 to 57!!!), but a special shout-out has to go to Ashley, who only made two suggestions - "Cash" and "Ace", both of which are being used as names for Amber's animals.

So thanks to everyone who suggested any name. This activity was REALLY popular, and we'll definitely have to do something along the same lines in the future...

In other news...

2) Thanks to Kristin, for pointing out to Shannon H that you can find the address for Heartland fan mail by clicking on the "Fan Mail" category on the right under blog categories, but just for fun I'll post it here as well. Remember, if you want to send an actual letter to any of the cast and crew, address it to -

P.O. Box 2640
Calgary, Alberta
T2P 2M7

Side note: I love it when I see you all helping each other out here on the blog! Do it more! :)

3) And also to Kristin - glad you got your tickets for the meet and greet in Surrey. Yes, Cindy Busby (Ashley) will also be coming but the owner of the A & T Equestrian Centre is not Jessica's aunt but a cousin of the family. Anyway, all tickets have now been distributed for this event and it's completely full.

As to future cast appearances - keep checking here for when anyone is going to be making a public appearance. There'll be some scheduled during the year but because filming takes up so much of everyone's time they have to be selective.

4) Last week I said I'd have some news for those who were interested in appearing as background extras on Heartland. Sorry, but I'm afraid that news will have to wait until I learn from the writers when there are going to be scenes that may need a lot of extras. When I have that information I'll let everyone know the best way to get in touch with our Extras Casting people. Hang tight, everyone, and watch for updates!!

5) Amy's Friend asks, "What do they do with the horses when they are not using them for filming the show?" Well, Spartan is currently in Louisville, wearing sunglasses and sporting a new camera, and he's dyed his hair back to his normal dapple gray. He's going to Churchill Downs to take in the running of the Kentucky Derby and root for his good friend Eskendereya.

...Okay, I'm kidding. Actually, all the horses on Heartland have owners and enjoy their time away from set just being horses. They relax and graze in the fields and generally have very good lives.

6) There have been some questions about Heartland airing in Australia and Brazil. Well, in Australia Season 1 launched in May of last year and Season 2 launched in August. They were broadcast by ABC2. So if and when reruns are going to air, or when they are going to play Season 3 is a question you should direct to them...

As for Brazil, Season 1 of Heartland was airing on Boomerang on Saturday evenings. They started rebroadcasting Season 1 in January. Season 2 will be premiering sometime in 2010. Contact Boomerang in Brazil for more information!

7) The photo at the top is of the cast and crew of the Heartland Christmas movie, which wrapped last month. This location was about an hour outside of the city, and not everyone was on set that day, so you won't see everyone who'll be appearing in the movie, so don't be alarmed if you don't see the whole cast, as a fair number couldn't make it for the photo. You can spot Amber Marshall (Amy) and Graham Wardle (Ty) in the front slightly to the left, and the man with the grey hair to the right of Amber is director Dean Bennett. Standing slightly in front of Dean in sunglasses is writer and producer Heather Conkie. And you can see Shaun Johnston (Jack) looking very cowboy-like in the back row.

8) Time for a bit of trivia - did you know that originally the Heartland television series was going to be set in the province of Quebec? The original script had the Heartland ranch located outside of Hudson, which is a beautiful town situated 60 kilometers west of Montreal and 150 east of Ottawa. When the decision was made to shoot the series in Alberta to be near the Rocky Mountains the name of the town stayed the same, so now Alberta has a fictional town called Hudson, and in real life the town of High River supplies us with the Hudson street scenes and is where Maggie's Diner is located.

9) Lastly, remember to have fun this weekend and come back next week for another Q & A opportunity with one of our key crew members.