Thursday, September 24 - only 10 days to Heartland’s Season 3 Premiere

Posted on Sep 24, 2009

Amber and Spartan

Well, only one last weekend to wait and then just another short week before the day many of you (and all of us) have been waiting for: Sunday, October 4, when Episode 301 - Miracle - premieres on CBC at 7:00pm (7:30pm in Newfoundland). This will mark the first of 8 consecutive Sundays when a new episode from the third season of Heartland will run. So you are going to have a lot of stories involving Amy and Ty, Lou, Jack, Tim, Scott, Caleb and Mallory and their lives as we watch them revolve around the Heartland ranch...

Season 3 will have a total of 18 brand new episodes and I know you are going to enjoy them. The catch line from Season 3 is "Anything's possible when you speak from the heart," and you will see over the course of the third season of Heartland how many relationships evolve on the series, both equine and human.

On set the cast and crew are enjoying a remarkable late September. Even though the leaves are starting to turn yellow you wouldn't know it by the heat. Yesterday was a record sunny 33 degrees on the ranch set, where they spent the last four days filming. I think you'll agree that sunny and hot is way better than cold and rainy!

Now, I'd like to explain something. Some people have been asking why Season 1 of Heartland is being released as two separate releases, with part 1 available September 29 and part 2 available on November 10. Well...

While many television shows are released as a single box set for each season, Heartland finds itself in an unusual situation because the series has not been broadcast on any television channel in the United States. With this in mind, the distributors of the DVDs felt that Americans might be reluctant to purchase a 4 or 5 disk box set of a complete season that they are not familiar with. And so a decision was made to split the DVD release of Heartland over two dates, allowing people who are not familiar with the show to be more willing to take a chance by only purchasing one half of a season. Once they see how good Part 1 is they will be looking forward to and wanting to obtain Part 2. DVD releases are done simultaneously in Canada and the United States, so the Canadian DVD release is also being handled as a split season in two parts.

I know it's been a while getting the Season 1 DVD out, but come November 10 both parts of season 1 of Heartland will be available.

And I can tell you that Season 2's DVD release, which will come out in 2010, will be released as a single packaged release.

Oh yes - I have one other little item to tell you that is going to happen in 2010; Heartland will begin broadcasting in the USA! Stay tuned for more details as I get them.

For those of us in Canada, 2010 is a LONG way away. But in just 10 days we'll all be watching the start of the best season of Heartland ever. Mark your calendars (like you haven't already! - lol)