Thursday, May 2 - 11 days to production’s start

Posted on May 2, 2013

The days of May

Well, Heartlanders, this is the second last Thursday before filming begins on Season 7. But that doesn't mean that I don't have some juicy news for you. I do indeed! [Click through to see more production photos from last year and to get a scoop on Season 7]

Since I don't have lots of new stuff to tell you, I thought I'd haul out some additional production shots from last year. Let me tell you a bit about them, starting with the photo at the top of this post. That's Craig Wrobleski, Heartland's Director of Photography, standing between Tim and Jack as the cameras are about to roll. Craig is returning for Season 7, so expect more creative and beautiful camera compositions.

The days of May

Now this was taken on the day when Jeremy (remember him?!) spiked Amy's drink. It was a very hot day and the sun was shining radiantly. Since The scene was filmed in the shade, production had to add more light so the background did not appear too bright.

The days of May

Just the opposite had to be put into place here. Because it was so bright, a screen was put up above the campfire to allow some sunlight to fall on Ty and his friends, but not so much that they would be squinting.

The days of May

Here's head makeup artist Donna Fuller reading a script while she sits in the studio waiting as a scene is being filmed. With that backdrop behind her it's almost like being at the ranch, with no bugs (or horses, or dirt, or the need for sunscreen).

The days of May

Here's what it looked behind the vet clinic set where Spartan was recovering after his operation. It looks like a jumbled mess, but every piece of equipment has a purpose and adds to the ambiance of the scene.

The days of May

From summer to fall. Here's the crew, bundled up to film a scene at the ranch when the snows were starting up in November. Fortunately production will not have to worry about snow when filming starts on May 13. Well... none that will stay on the ground at least!

The days of May

The camera capturing the action was behind Kerry James (Caleb) as this was being filmed, so Andrew Bako - Heartland's trusty photographer - stood to the side and filmed these photos in rapid succession. Kerry had trained in the past in the sport of boxing, so it was easy for him to look good throwing a punch. Of course every move by Gabriel Hogan (as Peter) and Kerry were carefully choreographed by stunt coordinator Tom Eirikson. If you look at the third photo in the sequence you'll see that the punch misses by the proverbial country mile, but from the angle the live action camera was seeing it, it looked like he socked him real good, didn't it?

So I hope you enjoyed these shots. There were a lot of positive comments two weeks ago when I posted an assortment of other production photos so I thought I'd do it again.

However, I'm not a Blog Whisperer without some Season 7 news.

I happened to have a quick chat with Heather Conkie yesterday. Heather is the Show runner (Head Writer) on Heartland and also one of the Executive Producers. She has told me that I can pass on to you that there will be "lots of horse action and working with horses" in Season 7. I know that'll please a lot of you.

Oh yes, and I've discovered the tentative titles to the first two episodes of the upcoming season, which will premiere sometime in the fall (You know as soon as I have the exact date I'll let everyone know in here).

Both episodes are written by Heather. Episode 701 is titled "PICKING UP THE PIECES" and Episode 702 is titled "LIVING THE MOMENT."

Now remember, these are tentative (working) titles, so they may change, but at least it gives you all something to speculate on. And I know that's what some of you are going to be doing. Probably immediately! :)

So there. I gave you photos you've not seen before and I rustled up some titles and a little info on Season 7. What a good Blog Whisperer am I?

So that is all for this week. Of course there'll be a new time killer next Tuesday (This week's was REALLY popular!) and of course, like clockwork, my regular Thursday post will bring more news about Season 7.

Until then I remain, as always, obediently yours.