Thursday, April 18—Nothing new? Ha!

Posted on Apr 18, 2013

You ain't see nothing yet!

I was sitting in my secret lair atop the CN Tower, from where on a clear day I can look right across Lake Ontario and see Niagara Falls and northern New York State, and I was thinking long and hard about what I could entertain Heartlanders with in these Thursday blogs until Season 7 begins filming and then it struck me... production photos! [Click through for never before seen production photos and some interesting news.]

While he was standing around on set during Season 6 (waiting to photograph the action), Heartland's trusty stills photographer -- Andrew Bako -- snapped several production photos of the crew working hard setting up the equipment to perfectly capture the scenes and episodes of Heartland. Looking through the Season 6 photographs I found these production photos, and so I thought I'd share them with you. I know you'll love the last one, which was one of the best moments of Season 6.

You ain't see nothing yet!

You ain't see nothing yet!

You ain't see nothing yet!

You ain't see nothing yet!

You ain't see nothing yet!

You ain't see nothing yet!

You ain't see nothing yet!

Hopefully these give you some idea of all the work that is needed to film Heartland. On average each day of filming results in six (count 'em - 6) useable minutes of footage that wind up on screen for you to watch on Sundays when Heartland airs. Believe me, many people work long and hard to make sure Heartland is as good as it is, and starting on May 13 they will be back at it again for another season. (Yay!)


Now for those of you in Calgary, I have some news about Michelle Morgan, Heartland's Lou Fleming.

This Saturday, April 20 at 12:00noon on the Entertainment Stage at the Calgary Women's Show (BMO Stampede Park), The Brenda Strafford Centre for the Prevention of Domestic Violence will launch its first awareness campaign, titled I am Courage.

Michelle Morgan has always been keenly concerned with the topic of domestic abuse and she has donated her time and energy in the past and once again has stepped up and is an ambassador and spokesperson for the Brenda Strafford Centre. She'll be making an appearance and speaking at this event.

If you plan on attending the Calgary Women's Show, drop by and say "Hello" to Michelle.


I'd like to write a few words about the Tuesday Time Killers, the first of which was posted two days ago. The TTK will run every, er... Tuesday(!) and the answers to the previous week's questions or puzzle will appear in the following Tuesday's blog post.

Oh yes...I do want to amend Question #8 from this Tuesday's trivia quiz. It should read "Which of these automobiles is not named after a horse?" not "...after a horse breed?" That should end the mild confusion. Sorry about that!


I know I need to answer a bunch of your individual questions and I'll certainly be getting around to that next week (promise!), but this week I wish to address three broad stroke topics that will take care of a lot of questions; Netflix, Heartland on GMC in the US, and who to turn to if you are in any of the other 117 countries playing Heartland and you want to know when he series will be airing.


Did you know that Netflix, which used to be in Canada and the US only, is now also available in Mexico, South America, the United Kingdom, Ireland, Denmark, Norway, Sweden and Finland? More may be added later this year.

Here is how Netflix works. First, know that each country where Netflix operates there are a different selection of movies and television shows available. As far as Heartland is concerned, a full set of episodes has to have aired on television in a country before those episodes can be added to Netflix in that country. This varies with the different countries where Netflix operates. Therefore, in Canada, where Season 6 has just ended its broadcast on CBC, seasons 1 through 5 are available on Netflix and 6 will be added sometime over the summer. In the US, seasons 1, 2 and the first 14 episodes of Season 3 are now available on Netflix. 22 additional episodes, which will take the US to the end of Season 4, will be added later this year, after GMCtv has aired them.

I hope that helps all you Netflix subscribers around the globe.

GMCtv in the US

GMCtv is the only licensed broadcaster of Heartland in the US. They currently are playing Season 4 and will immediately follow that up with Season 5 and is hoping to follow that with Season 6. This means that instead of being three full years behind, the US network will not be far behind CBC in Canada, perhaps even less than a year! This is groundbreaking stuff from the US licensee of your favourite series, which runs on Wednesday evenings.

And this Sunday, GMCtv is running a full day of Heartland, calling it their "HEARTLAND: The Young and the Restless Marathon." The trailer they have cobbled together is quite funny. Watch it here - - where you can also get more information on the official US broadcaster of Heartland.

Everywhere else in the world

Have you seen an earlier season of Heartland on television where you live and you are not in Canada or the US? Do you now have a question concernig when a newer season will be airing or when DVDs will be on sale in your country?

Unfortunately I'm so far removed from the decisions that are made in Japan, Turkey, Italy, Chile and all other countries where Heartland airs that I don't have current accurate information. Basically I know everything about Heartland's episodes when they air on the CBC in Canada, and occasionally I pick up on things like the US broadcaster. But for all other countries, the best source for answers is the station or network that you first saw Heartland on, because it's that broadcaster who has the answers to when and if Heartland will continue to air, and when and if DVDs are going to be released.

I'm not trying to sluff off work, but there's only so much your poor humble Blog Whisperer can do. :)

So that's all for now. The production office is opening up in Calgary on Monday and everyone is going to start gearing up for May 13, when the cameras start rolling on episodes 701 and 702. Exciting, no?

Let's all have safe fun this weekend. The weather is finally starting to believe that spring is actually here, so the great Canadian outdoors beckons!

As always, I'll have more information for you next Thursday, and of course another Time Killer on Tuesday.

Until then I remain, obediently yours,