Throwback Thursday: Instagram Edition

Posted on Apr 19, 2018

It's "Throwback Thursday" and, as you all know, Heartland has plenty of moments to throw back to. This week, we're going to focus on Instagram. Sure, there are plenty of moments to look back to on Facebook and Twitter, and the series itself, but Instagram has some standout Heartland moments too! That said, today we're going to give you a look at some of our favourite "Heartland family" Instagram posts.

If you want to follow the cast of Heartland, we'll post a list at the end of this blog.  Don't forget to follow the Official Heartland account and Georgie's Instagram as well! And in the meantime, let's look at some great pictures (and video) that some of the cast of Heartland have shared in the past.

For our first throwback, here's Shaun Johnston relaxing on the set of Heartland. He seems so content when he has a guitar, doesn't he?


A post shared by Shaun Johnston (@the_real_shaunj) on


Here is a two-for-one. It's Julia Maren Baker (@juliamarenbaker) with Kerry James (@689kerryjames689) both looking super-happy.


Kerry is kinda a big deal @official_heartlandoncbc

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Michelle Morgan (@michellemorgan_) posted this amazing greeting she got from some horses on the set as she arrives to get things going as Lou last year. Wow! You can't ask for a better "hello" on Heartland!


Of course, Kevin McGarry (@kevin_mcgarry_w) is always ready to have some fun with the cast and crew in front of - and behind - the camera. His rendition of Cecilia should be your auto-loop song of the day, every day.


#hair&makeupsessions @official_heartlandoncbc @cbc

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That's all for now, but if you want to follow some of the cast of Heartland to see what they are up to today, here is a convenient list, including a few guest stars:

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And as always, until next week, obediently yours...