Throwback Thursday and a Hudson Update

Posted on Apr 11, 2019

While we wait for news about Heartland Season 13 production, how best to pass the time? Here's a fun Throwback Thursday for you!  We've compiled a bunch of images from different seasons, but we won't tell you which seasons or episodes.  Can you guess where they are from? Check out the images below and leave us a note in the comments or on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram.

Also:  Some news about Hudson: This short digital original with roots in the world of Heartland has been out for about a week and a half and it's been doing really well!  The positive feedback from fans has been overwhelming and long-time Heartland fans have been a big part of the show's success.  In case you missed it, you can stream Hudson right now on CBC Gem.  Sorry, fans from the US and worldwide - it's not available outside of Canada yet, but we are going to try to make that happen.  Stay tuned for news.  

As for today's throwback quiz - here are the images.  Can you guess the episodes they came from? (WARNING: Some of these are not easy to figure out.)

See you next week!