Throwback: Remembering June

Posted on Jun 13, 2019

It's June, we are halfway through production on Heartland Season 13 and Father's Day is this weekend.  It's a perfect time to look back at what we were doing at (almost) this exact time in years past. 

If we looked back at every June blog it would take a very long time.  Can you believe this blog has been around since October of 2007!?  Let's start somewhere a little closer to home and take our first peek at the June 16 blog from 3 years ago.  In that blog, we look at the amazing stunt performers at Heartland. Remember Georgie taking on some Roman Riding stunts in Season 9?  Thanks to Sally Bishop, we were able to realize these kind of moments on screen.  Read more about her on the original blog.

Next, we look at the June 15, 2017 blog titled "Back To Basics - part 2". You know how we occasionally answer those burning questions that every Heartland fan has? This was one of those times.  Find out what our predictions were for future seasons of Heartland, who directed the episodes at that time, ho many countries Heartland was available in and more.  Read about it here.

Finally, we make it to last year.  We know you will take a particular interest in that blog as it's short and sweet and has a bunch of photos of horses seen on many seasons of Heartland.  In fact, the blog is titled "So Many Horses".  Any of you fan artists out there want to take a stab at some fun quotes on any of those images? Be sure to taq #iloveheartland on Instagram or Twitter if you do!

That's all for now.  Do you have a favourite Thursday blog form the past? What do you want to see in future Thursday blogs?