Throwback: Love Is Always In The Air On Heartland

Posted on Feb 14, 2019

Heartland has always been filled with tender moments that inspire love in all of us and those brief, but intense, displays of love can be distilled into a kiss on this series.   Whether it's making out, making up or the displays of continuing affection, Heartland has always delivered on the kiss.

Today, we double down on Valentine's Day and Throwback Thursday with this reminder of Heartland's best kisses.

And don't forget: This Sunday, an ALL-NEW episode of Heartland comes out and there will definitely be more kissing.  Here is a bit of what to expect in the new episode, written by Mark Haroun and Directed by Ken Filewych:

When the new manager at Fairfield comes to them with an unusual concern, Amy and Ty find themselves at odds about how best to treat her horse. Meanwhile, Lou and Peter don’t see eye to eye when Georgie is offered a life-changing opportunity. And Jack and Mitch disagree on the best recipe for success at an important business meeting. Plus there's at least one nice kiss. Can you guess who it's between?

And that's all for today.  Don't miss the ALL-NEW episode of Heartland this Sunday at 7/7:30NT on CBC Television and streaming on CBC Gem. Here are some images from the new episode to get you ready for the weekend!