This Sunday - the 8th NEW Heartland Episode in a Row.

Posted on Nov 17, 2016

Again I have ten photos from season 10's newest episode which Canada will be watching this upcoming Sunday evening (November 20) on CBC. The cast really clean up nice in some of the photos, don't they?

Story wise in this episode there is again - as is par for the Heartland course - a LOT going on. Way more than the preview clip revealed at the end of last week's episode.

In this Sunday's offering, Jack fears the worst when Will Vernon (guest star Nicholas Campbell) unexpectedly shows up at Heartland. Meanwhile, Amy is compelled to intervene when the new Extreme Team Coach (Rachael Crawford) pits Georgie and her teammates against each other. And Tim steps in when Jade’s newfound status from a big sponsorship deal (check out the top photo!) goes to her head and sends her down a dark path.

My goodness, it sounds very dark and foreboding, doesn't it? But don't be alarmed Heartlanders; things are not always what they appear to be. This episode has a lot of fun going on and I am sure you will enjoy it.

The episode this Sunday is titled, "Here and Now," and is directed by Chris Potter from a script by Ken Craw, who is getting a reputation for being Heartland's writer of epic episodes. Anyway, it's on this Sunday, across Canada at 7:00pm, except in the easternmost province of Newfoundland,where it will start at 7:30pm.

Now, just to get you all prepared for the next couple of weeks, the following Sunday (November 27), there will be no new episode of Heartland, for the whole of Canada comes to a halt for the annual Grey Cup (CFL) game. So after eight straight weeks of new Heartland episodes there will be a one week break until...

The Sunday after that - December 4 will see the premiere of episode 1009, which will be the mid-season finale of season 10.

The mid-season... what??? Let me explain...

As is the norm for Heartland every year, the ninth episode of a season is broadcast on the first Sunday in December and then CBC airs a whole lot of Christmas and holiday programming to help get everyone in the spirit of the season. Then the second half of Heartland's 10th season will start off in early January.

I know a lot of you are wondering, "Have those crafty Heartland writers put in a cliffhanger that I am going to be thinking about all during December?" To tell you the truth, I've been wondering the same thing. Once I watch episodes 1009 and 1010 I will have a much better idea.

So let us focus on more immediate concerns, namely - this Sunday's new episode. I certainly hope you all sit down and watch it with me this Sunday.

As for next week's blog, over the past eight weeks we have been gaining lots of fans from all over, so I figure it is time for another "ASK the BLOG WHISPERER 1 QUESTION" blog. So go ahead - in the comments section below feel free to ask me anything, but ask one (1) question only, to allow more from others. I will do my absolute best to answer all questions directed to me, but I will not reveal any spoilers from upcoming episodes, so don't even think about asking me for a spoiler.

Ask away, friends and fans. I will be back one week from today with my answers. In the meanwhile I will remain, as always, obediently yours..