This Sunday: Season 10 Mid-Season Finale

Posted on Dec 1, 2016

I hope not having a new episode last Sunday whetted your appetite for this Sunday's episode 1009, which is the mid-season finale for season 10.

Before I go any further let me reassure newcomers to Heartland on CBC that this is not the SEASON finale. That is not happening until early April. No, there are eighteen new episodes every season and this current tenth season is no different. It is because the broadcast season of Heartland begins in the fall and concludes three months into the new year there is a traditional break at the midpoint of the season, with an interruption between episodes nine and ten.

Episode 1009 - A Horse With No Rider - written by Heather Conkie and directed by Dean Bennett, will air on CBC this Sunday, December 4 across Canada at 7:00pm (7:30pm in Newfoundland). And believe me, once you watch it you know there are going to have to be more episodes to follow. Hee hee.

In it, an out-of-town horse clinic takes a dangerous turn for Amy, Tim and Georgie. Meanwhile, Lou’s flight home is delayed and Jack is caught in the middle when Mitch’s elevated status at Heartland begins to make Peter feel like an outsider. And in Mongolia, when an endangered bear is shot by poachers Ty and Bob strive to locate it to save its life. In this episode Heartland welcomes guest star Tina Keeper, who some of you will remember as one of the stars of the television series "North of 60."

After the clinic Tina's character hosts, Amy unexpectedly gets introduced to a beautiful white horse (seen in one of the photos here). This is not the horse that the title of the episode is named after. In fact, this is the first major guest horse on the series to not have a scripted name. There is more mystery about this horse, and it plays a very important part in the next two episodes of Heartland.

I said two, because - and this is old hat for long time Heartland viewers - the ninth and tenth episodes of each season since season 2 are sort of like a single two-part episode, so yes Heartlanders - expect a clifhanger.

CBC has a tradition of playing er... traditional holiday and Christmas fare during the month of December and this year is no different. So while there are no more regular series episodes there will be lots of enjoyable seasonal programs for the entire family.

And when will we get to see episode 1010? That will be in five weeks time, on January 15. Here's why...

I just explained how Christmas and holiday fare take over CBC's December programming. New Year's Day is January 1 so there are too many special programs on that day to run anything new, and on January 8 the Golden Globes airs. Like the Grey Cup, the Golden Globes broadcast is an annual event many people watch so like it did with the Grey Cup, CBC will run a repeat episode; in fact it will rerun this Sunday's episode 1009, for those who want to watch it a week ahead of the new episode 1010.

But hopefully you are not going to wait until January 8 to watch episode 1009 when you can all watch it this Sunday on CBC.

I have included ten photos from this Sunday's new episode. I hope you like them.

And the very last photo is definitely not from this episode or even from this season. No, it is from "A Heartland Christmas," which was filmed over six years ago. If you've not seen it you can now do so on the Official Heartland website

Because over 100 new Heartland episodes have come and gone since the Christmas movie was filmed many things have happened - Ty and Amy were not yet even engaged, let alone married and expecting a child; Caleb was with Ashley, who along with Mallory are no longer on the series, and of course there was no Katie or Georgie. But one thing "A Heartland Christmas has is heart and warmth. Also directed by Dean Bennett from a script by Heather Conkie, "A Heartland Christmas" has guest stars Nicholas Campbell (who was just on the last Heartland episode) and Murdoch Mysteries' Helene Joy. If you've not seen it and you want to get into the holiday spirit then watch it. It seems to have the same effect on those who watch it for a second or third time.

That's it for me this week.

Remember - Heartland's next NEW episode - the last of 2016 - airs this Sunday on CBC at 7:00 (7:30NT). I sure hope you can watch it with me.

And 'I will return next Thursday - as always - with my blog of info, news and photos. Until then I will remain obediently yours, just as any good Blog Whisperer would be!