This Sunday, March 4 - another NEW episode of Heartland, and BIG NEWS!

Posted on Mar 1, 2012

An image from Heartland episode 515

Before I tell you about this week's exciting (and dramatic) episode of Heartland, I've got some news to share with you. Actually I'm breaking it here before ANYONE else finds out (haven't I always told you that this is the place for all Heartland news, and as soon as I know about something you will know? True to my word!!!) Click on through to the post!

Okay, first: No, it's not about Season 6. Sorry. There's no update and the CBC is not yet ready to announce their fall lineup. But again - as soon as I know I'll tell you!

The news is that DVD sales have been great for Season 4 and for "A Heartland Christmas" (which I kind of suspected that from the comments in here and on Facebook!) and so the good people at eOne Films --instead of waiting until November-- are going to be releasing the DVD box set for Season 5 (that's the current one) in June. That's only three months from now. Woohoo I say... WOOHOO!

And you know what? I'm gong to get my hands on some of them and give 'em away here! Stay tuned...

Also, we have a winner!

Congratulations to Heartland fan Tori B. who was the winning name drawn from those who correctly guessed the day that the Heartland Facebook page hit 100,000 fans! Tori is going to get a one-on-one video chat with Amber Marshall sometime in the next little while. Amber is looking forward to it, and I imagine Tori is too! Tori, post a comment and say hi to everyone!

Now, let's get back to this Sunday's new episode of Heartland's 5th Season...

This Sunday brings us the 15th episode of Season 5 and with it tragedy, as death visits the series and because of one person's passing five horses may wind up going to kill buyers. Amy is determined not to allow that to happen but the bidding war that ensues is beyond what she can offer.

Lou and Peter have been searching forever for a home of their own so they can move out of the currently crowded Heartland ranch house, but they can't find a place that stacks up to Lou's incredibly high standards. In a moment of inspiration Lou finds what would be the perfect home for them to live in. But can she find a way to get both it, and Peter's approval?

Having lost last week's Cowboy Association election, Tim is getting wound tighter and tighter as he tries everything he can to be granted custody of Shane. To this end he makes an impulsive decision and by the time he realizes it is the wrong decision it's too late...

Caleb is still facing the harsh reality that his marriage with Ashley is over, but he is determined to plow ahead, and Tim offers a few choice comments that may seem a bit... uncalled for. In fact, Tim's behaviour in this episode nearly gets him in a fight with someone else, and it pushes the normally easygoing Amy to a point of frustration.

Getting back to Caleb, his (previously unsuspected!) knowledge of Latin and Spanish helps gives Heartland's new dog a name. Way to go Caleb!!!

Never one to not meddle, Mallory prompts Mrs. Bell to pursue something that she normally wouldn't even think of doing.  Because of this something will be saved and something with be solved.

However, not everything will be tied up in a neat little package... How could it? There is just WAY too much going on. Reading what I've just written I notice I haven't mentioned Ty or Jack once. Don't worry, they both play important parts in this episode.

It's a Heartland episode you will not forget. Directed by Grant Harvey from a script by Heather Conkie, this episode is entitled, "Breaking Down and Building Up."

Oh, did I mention an engagement ring is going to be placed on someone's finger this Sunday?

Darn it! I ran out of space or I would go on...  Oh well, I hope you enjoy this Sunday's new episode of Heartland - broadcast at the usual time across Canada at 7:00pm (7:30pm in Newfoundland).

I eagerly await your comments!  :)

An image from Heartland episode 515
An image from Heartland episode 515
An image from Heartland episode 515
An image from Heartland episode 515
An image from Heartland episode 515