This Sunday, March 13 - the Penultimate Season 4 Episode

Posted on Mar 10, 2011

Episode 417

Where does the time go? We all wait each week for Sunday to roll around so we can enjoy another episode of Heartland and before you know it the season's end is upon us. Click through to the blog for news on this Sunday's new episode of Heartland, news about the next CONTEST, and lots more!

And no, this Sunday is NOT the final episode of Season 4; that episode will be airing March 27, when all will be revealed! Well, almost all...

But enough about the Season 4 Finale.  Today I want to tell you a bit about the second to last episode - the penultimate episode of Season 4 - titled "Burning Down the House."

I love that word - penultimate - which basically means the second-to-last of something. Your friendly Blog Whisperer learned it comparitively late in life and always lamented my childhood years, where I was unable to sound totally cool at school by saying things like "It's the penultimate inning, team - we don't have much time left to win this thing" and "I have geography for my penultimate class on Fridays, followed by math. How about you?" Come to think of it, that might have made me insufferable. Oh well, at least now you have the opportunity to use it, which can make you sound very clever, or possibly very nerdy. Sort of like using the word "Heartlandish".

Now let's get back to this Sunday's episode.  There is a lot already stirring with our friends at Heartland without introducing new characters but that's exactly what's going to happen in Episode 417, directed by Dean Bennett and written by Leila Basen & David Preston.

The expecting Lou and Peter are getting ready for parenthood as Peter's financial situation hovers like a dark cloud.  And Caleb has been expecting Ashley to return from Italy and she does, with a new perspective, one that makes the minutia of their life back home feel somewhat small and insignificant.  But what nobody was expecting was the bombshell Tim and Janice are about to drop on the family.

Add to this mix the arrival of a young boy who is crazy about horses. He comes to Heartland and quickly bonds with Amy, but his mom is guarding a secret that'll make for some very interesting viewing in this new episode of Heartland.

And I know I have not so much as mentioned Jack, Ty or Mallory, but don't think for a moment that they aren't involved in "Burning Down the House." They most certainly are!

This Sunday we welcome guest stars Maxim Roy as Miranda and Sam Duke as her son Shane, as well as the return of Miranda Frigon as Janice.

It's an exciting new episode of Heartland that I know you're going to enjoy. Catch it this Sunday on CBC Television at 7:00pm (7:30pm Newfoundland) and make sure you flock back here and let everyone know what you think! There will be a lot to discuss as it sets up a majorly dramatic finale that you will not want to miss.

Touching on that, the Season Finale will also introduce two characters never before seen on the series.  That episode will be airing on March 27, so after three consecutive weeks of showing brand new episodes there will be one last pause in the string of episodes, which will give you plenty of time to speculate and muse over how the season is going to end. Me, I like the suspense...

But that doesn't mean there won't be things happening. Oh, no - no rest for the wicked. (Or as I found out after a very long sleep when I bought a candle that had nothing in the centre to light - no wick for the rested. Get it? I crack myself up...)

This Monday will be the first of two final "On Set with Jessica Amlee" vignettes, found along with the others already posted in the 'extras' section of this website. Jessica went around set on the final day of filming and captured greetings from various cast and crew who normally stay behind the cameras. Jessica was accompanied by Graham Wardle (Ty), who shot and edited the spots for you to watch. The interviews with everyone were broken into two parts - the first will launch this Monday, March 14 and the second will  appear on the site the following Monday, March 21.

Now that particular Monday is the day before Tuesday, March 22, when E1 Entertainment releases the complete set of Heartland Season 3 across Canada, and we are going to make sure everyone knows about this date by giving away a boxed set of Season 3 - all 18 episodes plus behind the scenes extras - EVERY WEEKDAY FOR 10 DAYS starting this upcoming Monday!!!!!

So come back to this blog site on Monday, March 14, and learn how you can enter to win the complete 3rd season of your favourite television series. If you don't win Monday, there is always Tuesday (and Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and the same 5 days the following week). Plus there will be a little something extra thrown in for one of the 10 winners.

Now I have to keep reminding everyone - and I'm more than thrilled to be doing so - that one week after the March 27 Season Finale airs the Heartland production office will officially open as the cast and crew slowly make their way back to sunny Calgary to begin preparation for filming 18 new episodes of Season 5, the first of which will broadcast this fall. Hooray!

And just because the Season Finale is being shown in 2 weeks it doesn't mean that there isn't going to be anything happening on this site. No sir. You won't catch this Blog Whisperer scanning the employment ads under "Blog Whisperer wanted."

Over the course of the spring and summer I'll be bringing you entertaining and educational things from the world of Heartland - contests, games, prizes, exclusive updates from the set and much, much more!

So as always, you can count on a new post next Thursday. But make sure you come back on Monday for three reasons - to enter to win one of 10 Season 3 boxed sets, to watch the new clip with Jessica, and to watch the preview for the Season Finale of Heartland.

And of course there is a fourth reason to come back - to tell everyone what you thought of "Burning Down the House." Enjoy it in 3 days and come back and share your thoughts!

Until then,

The Blog Whisperer

Episode 417

Episode 417

Episode 417

Episode 417

Episode 417