This Sunday, March 11 - another new Heartland episode!

Posted on Mar 8, 2012

An image from Heartland episode 516

I hope you're enjoying having 5 new episodes in a row to close out this 5th season of Heartland.  I know I for one am enjoying the fact that no one --including me!!!!-- has to wait more than a week to find out what happens next. And that's a very good thing, because a lot is happening as the season draws to its 18th episode season finale. Read on...

This Sunday is the 16th episode of Season 5, and we are going to be getting to see a bunch of beautiful horses, as Scott learns that a herd on the reservation where he grew up --and where he has not been since his grandfather passed away-- may have contracted the dangerous EHV-1 virus.

Amy and Ty join Scott as they travel back to the reservation, where someone from his past - April Goodstoney, played by guest star Tamara Podemski - has alerted them of the peril the horses face, as the band elders have approved a culling of the herd rather than risk having the disease spread through the reservation. Also guest starring in this episode is David McNally as Don First Rider, who has lost some of his cutting horses to the virus and doesn't want to see any more of his horses die, even if it means the entire band herd has to be destroyed.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch (and I think that's the first time I've ever written that!) Lou and Peter are packing to move to their new home. Mallory is excitedly planning her perfect sweet sixteen birthday party when Austin plants a seed of doubt in her mind, making her wonder why her parents would let her plan a money-is-no-object celebration.  And sure enough, shortly after Mallory gets some life-changing news that she is not happy to receive.

And then we have Tim Fleming. Oh Tim...

When we last saw Tim he was sneaking drinks out of a bottle and not letting on that he was relying on alcohol again. His tumultuous custody battle for Shane and his recent break up with Janice direct him down a dark, and sadly familiar, path. Caleb, who has always looked up to Tim, once again becomes the target of Tim's glib tongue, but this time Caleb gets pushed a little too far.

Horses and drama - all you need for another great episode of Heartland. Directed by Grant Harvey from a script by Jessalyn Coombe & Andrew Wreggitt, this episode is entitled simply, "Wild Horses."

Heartland - premiering this Sunday night on CBC Television at 7:00pm (7:30pm in Newfoundland).

Canadian Heartland fans can help out High River / Hudson!

I first put this up on Tuesday on the official Heartland Facebook Page, but it's important so I want to make sure everyone reads it.

As a lot of you know, the town of Hudson in Heartland is portrayed by the real life town of High River, Alberta. That is where all the shops are you see in the series and of course that is where Maggie's Diner is located. The good people of High River allow production to film there and even allow for the occasional street closure (remember Tim's cattle in downtown Hudson?)

Now High River is in the middle of a competition with 9 other smaller Alberta towns to host a jamboree on the last weekend of April.  The town has already made the short list (of 10) and now it is up to Canadians to vote for which town deserves the right to host the jamboree.

Amber Marshall and her 2 dogs helped out with the film promo for this competition for High River. You can watch the video with her in it and go vote at You can vote once a day each day until March 20. Let's all cast our ballots for good old High River and help them win this thing!

And don't forget (as if you would!) that in 3 days "Wild Horses" is coming your way across Canada on CBC Television.

So leave a comment here letting us all know what you think of it!

Next Thursday I'll be back with a post about the penultimate episode of Season 5. Until then, enjoy this Sunday's new episode!

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An image from Heartland episode 516

An image from Heartland episode 516

An image from Heartland episode 516

An image from Heartland episode 516

An image from Heartland episode 516