This Sunday, February 20 - a brief lull before the final, rapid homestretch!!!!

Posted on Feb 17, 2011

Episode 404

Oh the torture (accompanied by lessons in patience) we at Heartland force you to endure. Believe me when I tell you everyone here is as eager as you are to proudly premiere the final four episodes of Season 4 of Heartland. But unfortunately some things get in the way. But click through to the blog for some hints about the next NEW episode on Feb 27th, some previously unseen "Graduation" photos, and other news!

This Sunday is a rare occurrence - the only outdoor NHL hockey game of the season to be played in Canada is in 3 days in Calgary between the hometown Flames and the visiting Montreal Canadiens. CBC is carrying the match live (By the way - Amber Marshall and Graham Wardle will be in the stands watching) so that means the 7:00pm - 8:00pm time slot will be showing the game instead of Heartland in most areas of Canada.

In Alberta the game starts at 4:00pm so it may end by 7:00pm, in which case the CBC will air a rerun of Episode 404 - "Graduation." In BC you should also be able to watch this episode in its entirety. So in this post I've included some never before seen photos from "Graduation" for you to check out.

Now - next week (Sunday, February 27) we are going to have a BRAND NEW EPISODE - ep. 415, titled "The River." And in this one some very interesting things are going to happen. Once again Heartland is going to introduce an animal never before seen on the series (!), a lot of fans are going to see something they have been longing to see for weeks, and a lot of other fans are going to see something ELSE they have been longing to see. Yes, this episode is going to push a lot of the right buttons for fans of Heartland. Oh, and Chase is back, so there's that...

And more good news is that starting with next Sunday, the final 4 episodes of Season 4 will run over the course of 5 weeks, so get ready for a lot of intrigue, excitement, and resolution (not to mention horses!) as Season 4 concludes on CBC Television.

The Season Finale will air on Sunday March 27 - 5 days after Season 3 is released on DVD in Canada and only one week before the production office opens in preparation to film 18 brand new episodes of Season 5 (Yay!!!) which will begin running in the fall of this year.

Now for those of you who are Heartland fans on Facebook, I hope you're entering the contest whereby you can win one of Amy's belts - one that Amber Marshall actually wore in the series - along with an autographed Heartland poster. The contest runs for 3 weeks and you can enter once each week - from wherever you are. The response has been outstanding so far and I am looking forward to more comments from fans of the series! Enter here:

I hope you have been enjoying the "On Set with Jessica Amlee" webisodes I've been posting here in the extras section. The upcoming one (on Monday) will feature a cool interview with Heartland Costume Designer Carol Case, and there are still more to follow that one. Watch for them weekly!

And next Tuesday - February 22nd - come back here and visit! Many fans have been requesting something and I am going to deliver (as your friendly Blog Whisperer is often known to do). Trust me, some of you are going to be very happy.

That's it for this week. Those watching the Heritage Classic - enjoy it. If you watch the rerun of "Graduation" relive those memories (And if you can't see it on television in your area you can always watch it again online!) And next week watch for lots of great stuff here.

Have a fun and safe weekend,

Your trusty Blog Whisperer.

Episode 404

Episode 404

Episode 404

Episode 404

Episode 404