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This Sunday - Feb. 27: A NEW episode of Heartland!

Posted on Feb 24, 2011

Episode 415

Nothing thrills your faithful Blog Whisperer more than getting you primed for a brand new episode of Heartland, and that is indeed what we have this upcoming Sunday, when "The River" premieres at 7:00pm (7:30pm in Newfoundland) on CBC. Click through for info and additional photos on this episode, along with lots of exciting news on contests, extras on the website and serious series news!

I have come to realize that some of you do not have, shall we say, a great love for the sporting events that occasionally prevent new episodes of Heartland from airing, but that's not going to stop me from using a sports term and tell you that our fav series is now in the homestretch of its 4th Season! This means that there will be a brand new episode on 4 of the next 5 Sundays, starting with Episode 415 this Sunday!

And this brings us to this Sunday's episode, titled "The River." Written by Leila Basen & David Preston and directed by Chris Potter, this episode will bring answers to some questions the series has been asking this year, but it'll also take some storylines in new and... interesting... directions.

Of course Stewart Forrest and his bitter lawsuit has to be dealt with, and so Lou decides to battle to save her sister's reputation and the family business. She also institutes some cutbacks at the ranch which have mixed reactions from the family. All the time she is counting down until a new arrival, well... arrives, and of course there is still Peter's business trouble in Dubai.

The stress of the situation also causes Amy to question the path she's taken and we are reminded of the old saying "It's always darkest before the dawn," when Amy encounters an animal never before seen on Heartland, producing some interesting moments for all.

Meanwhile, Soraya has to examine her relationship with the ever present Chase Powers when she sees yet another side of him. And all good things must end, even romantic honeymoons, but Caleb's and Ashley's recent travels to Italy have taken a bizarre twist that you'll learn about on Sunday.

I had to be very careful about what photos I posted here, but these 6 from this week's episode won't give anything away!

So yes, there's a lot going on. Some people you have been watching for a long time will bid adieu to Season 4 as this fourth episode from the end of the season unfolds, but don't think that new roles are finished on Heartland, for the final three episodes after this one will introduce both new characters and a breed of horse never before seen on the show! More on all this later...


Some other things for you to know.

1) It is now less than a month before E1 Entertainment releases the boxed set of Season 3 of Heartland in Canada. The date is March 22, and I am going to be telling you more about that in the near future. A LOT more. Ten times more.

2) If you click on 'Extras' on the bar below the masthead above there are two things worth noting. The "On Set with Jessica Amlee" behind-the-scenes look at Heartland is up to 6 little vignettes now, the most recent addition being an interview with Carol Case, Heartland's fabulous costume designer.

3) And below that some new slide puzzles have been added to the mix to keep you busy, including one of Spartan. How fast can you do one?

4) A brief note to explain how fan mail works on the production. Every few weeks the mail is collected and distributed to the cast when they are working on set. However, once the production wrapped in December there was a lot of fan mail that did not get to the cast before they went home for the off season break. Some of that is being forwarded to actors if letters were personally addressed to them, but some fans have requested autographs from more than one person, and that cannot be dealt with until May when the cast returns for Season 5. Meanwhile, the hundreds of letters that the actors receive take time to be answered so please be patient. If you sent it to the right address you will get a response, but it may not be as quick as you would hope.

5) And yes, just to make sure everyone is crystal clear on this - there is going to be an 18 episode Season 5 that will be shot this year and it will start in the fall on CBC Television in Canada. The reason there is going to be a Season 5 is because of all of you watching it! If Season 5 gets the large audience numbers Season 4 did then in all probability there will be a Season 6, but that decision cannot be made by the producers or by the CBC until they see how well Season 5 performs.

So the producers, writers, actors, directors and crew are going try as hard as they can to make the most entertaining season possible this year. Will you try as hard as you can as fans to watch it and be entertained? I'm sure I know the answer to that one! :)

6) We are in the middle of the second week of our Facebook contest where you can win an autographed poster from Heartland and one of Amber's belts that she wore as Amy on the show. You can enter once a week, which mean if you have not yet done so you can enter once this week and once next week. Go to http://www.facebook.com/cbcheartland and click on CONTEST to find out how to enter!

7) Speaking of, just because the season of new episodes is drawing to its March 27 finale, that does not mean that the online presence of Heartland is going to diminish. On the contrary, both this Official site and our Facebook page are going to be VERY active during the off season, because although it is the off season from showing new episodes, there is a lot going on, not the least of which is the making of Season 5. And there are still lots of prizes to be won, so stay - as they say in television - tuned!

That's pretty well it for now. Remember to watch "The River" this Sunday on CBC and as always come back and let us know what you think of it!

Until next week,

Your friendly neighbourhood Blog Whisperer.

Episode 415

Episode 415

Episode 415

Episode 415

Episode 415