The wait for Ten-Ten begins

Posted on Dec 8, 2016

It's just me and you again fans. At least for a few weeks.

We are at the midpoint of season 10 and have started our broadcast break between the fall and winter seasons at CBC. Nine episodes down and nine new episodes to go, beginning January 15. That means that episode 1010 will premiere across Canada on CBC in thirty-eight (count 'em: 38) days.

That's not too long to wait, is it? Okay, considering the 1009 cliff hanger there has to be a certain amount of apprehension as we look forward to the third Sunday of the New Year. If you want to know why Heartland's new episode is not on earlier, it is pretty straightforward, and because I am known as a full disclosure Blog Whisperer I am going to tell you.

Because both Christmas Day and New Year's Day fall on Sunday this time around there will be special programming on both days so we have to find a good spot a little further down the road. On Sunday, January 8 the Golden Globes are on and - not unlike the Grey Cup the Golden Globe Awards are something a show like Heartland should run up against. Hence the following week - January 15 - will see the conclusion to the two part mid-season episodes.

Now there is a bit of a silver lining here, because if you did not see episode 1009 (and you really should) it will be repeated on Sunday, January 8. That way you can be caught up and ready when episode 1010 airs the following week.

Now as a special treat I have found ten production photos taken during the filming of episode 1009. I hope you enjoy them.

And even though I am a full disclosure Blog Whisperer I cannot go into great detail about what I am about to tell our friends south of the border. That I will do next week. However, if you know anyone living in New York, Los Angeles; Chicago; Philadelphia; Dallas; Houston; San Francisco; Washington; Atlanta; Phoenix; Detroit; Minneapolis; Orlando, Florida; and Charlotte, North Carolina (which accounts for roughly 37% of the population of the United States) I have some news...

Very soon people living in these cities will have a brand new way to watch Heartland. If you've never seen Heartland before you will be really excited to know that a new network will begin playing Heartland, starting with season 1, five episodes a week. Details on times and stations, etc. will be in next week's blog. Watch for it.

Gordon Imlach, the series publicist on Heartland tells me he interviewed the following for the season 10 DVD extras - Cast Members Alisha Newton, Amber Marshall, Graham Wardle, Jessica Steen, Shaun Johnston, Chris Potter and Michelle Morgan. Also interviewed were Executive Producers Jordy Randall, Tom Cox and Michael Weinberg, Producer Jamie Paul Rock, Showrunner Heather Conkie, Directors Ken Filewych, Pierre Tremblay and Alison Reid, Production Designer Trevor Smith, Director of Photography Jarrett Craig and of course Transportation Coordinator Bill Janssen. Whew!

That's lot of folks knocked off and it should translate to another great set of DVD extras when season 10 gets released in Canada next October.

Yes, production wrapped on Tuesday and on Wednesday the wrap party took place in downtown Calgary. Everyone had such a good time that a few are still unaccounted for. Well, not really, but it's just a way to let you know that after eight hard months of production cast and crew members let off a little self-congratulatory steam. When you see the rest of season 10 I know you're going to say it was well deserved.

That's it for me Heartlanders. Next Thursday I'll be back with more photos and news as we continue our countdown to Ten-Ten.

Until then I shall remain - as always - obediently yours.