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The Thursday, May 16 Blog - Some news for…ewe!

Posted on May 16, 2013

Oh ewe

Okay, I had to get that ewe/you pun out of the way, and now that I have, it's time for some info from the first three days on set. Click through for more photos and a couple of videos.

If you follow us on Twitter and Facebook (and why wouldn't you if Heartland Season 7 scoops are what you crave?) you'll have learned a few things about Season 7, like that a flock of sheep has found its way onto the Heartland Ranch. Exactly what they are doing and how they got there is something you'll learn in the fall when Episode 701 premieres across Canada on CBC Television, but... I'll tell you a little about the sheep now.

Notice the distinct look of some of the sheep in the photo above, how they have white bodies but black heads and faces. This breed was developed in South Africa in the 1930s by crossing the Dorset Horn with the Blackhead Persian sheep. The sheep breed that results from this crossbreeding is now known as a Dorper (DORset Horn + PERsian, get it?).

Anyway, the photo I posted on Facebook of the sheep in front of the ranch house caused a stir and lots of speculation as to what's going on. Speculate away, Heartlanders; because the sheep are going to play an interesting role in Season 7.

Now who watches the sheep? Well, if you saw the movie "Babe" you would've seen some border collies at work. Border collies are very intelligent herding dogs and the owners of the herd which appear on Heartland have brought three of them to ensure the sheep stay where they belong. Here's a photo of the dogs relaxing on a bale of hay outside the barn -

Oh ewe

Just one dog is needed to herd these sixty-two (62, count em!) sheep, so the other two are on hand in case the day gets long and Meg, which is the dog on the right, needs a rest.

When the sheep arrived on Heartland for the first day of filming on Monday, they were turned loose in the rectangular pen, so the horses could check them out and get familiar with the new arrivals on the Heartland ranch. Then, when it was time for the flock to get in position and move near the ranch house, that was when Meg went to work. Take a look at one of the videos below to see this all go down.

And speaking of videos, one of my spies on set was able to get this exclusive video of the very first shot of the very first scene being filmed on Monday. It's between Lou (Michelle Morgan) and Chris Potter (Tim) and they seem to be discussing... something! Take a look below at that video too.

Download Flash Player to view this content.

Download Flash Player to view this content.

So moving on from the sheep, I have some news about the main animal we all love to see on Heartland.

These photos were all taken yesterday (Wednesday) and I know you'll be happy to see the return of... Spartan!

Oh ewe

And here is a photo for all of you who asked, "Whatever happened to Harley?"

Oh ewe

Yes, Harley is back and you will see Ty riding him in the first episodes of Heartland.

Sometimes on Heartland there "ND Horses." The ND stands for non-designated, and these are horses that are in the background and don't necessarily have a storyline attached to them. Here's two of them... horsing around -

Oh ewe

I've saved this photo for last, because it's a rare first look at FLuke, who plays the horse known as Emir in Episode 701.

Oh ewe

Emir (and his owner) have a problem that Amy has to solve... which we'll all watch her do when the show returns to CBC.

So that's a look at some of the animals we'll be seeing at the start of Season 7.

So there you have it; evidence that filming on Season 7 is underway. Throughout the summer I'll have more short videos and photos to keep you as up to speed as I can, without giving too much away (remember my New Year's resolution?). Also, Heartland on CBC on Facebook and Twitter will also divulge news and clues. Heartland is also on VINE, which is an app that shows 6 second videos.. Heartland on CBC used VINE to show numerous clips comprising the start of Season 6's finale ahead of its airing, and has recently added a couple of newer films from the ranch set for you to view. These are all there for Heartlanders (and everyone else) to check out. I hope you do so! (Download Vine on the app store and search for Heartland on CBC!)

The weather has been pretty good for week one of production, which everyone is taking as a good sign. I do hope the weather is good where you are. Enjoy the upcoming weekend, and your faithful Blog Whisperer will continue to keep everyone occupied with another Time Killer on Tuesday -- and of course, more news from set.

Until then I remain, as always, obediently yours.