The Thursday, August 1 Blog

Posted on Aug 1, 2013

Amber gets married

Well, for two weeks in a row, events happening on a Saturday have overshadowed the production of the seventh season of Heartland. And these were both great things [Read on for more Heartland news].

Two weeks ago there was the Heartlanders for High River fundraiser, where the producers, cast and crew opened up their Calgary Studio to fans and were able to raise funds (Over $75,000 and counting) in aid of the High River Disaster Relief Fund.

This past Saturday -- July 27 -- saw Heartland's lead actress, Amber Marshall, get married. Here's a photograph of her looking radiant as she exchanged vows with Shawn Turner, her longtime boyfriend/fiancé.

My Facebook post earlier this week was extremely popular, as were posts Amber put up on her own Facebook Page, and if you haven't yet congratulated her you can do so there, or just join me in congratulating Amber and Shawn and wishing them a wonderful life together.

Of course, the whole reason we're here is a little television series by the name of Heartland that is rolling along quite nicely, thank you very much.

If you follow "Heartland on CBC" on Vine, you would've seen that I revealed the name of episode 709's episode, which is titled "There But For Fortune." Well, today you're getting the title to episode 710 which -- like 709 -- is written by Heather Conkie and is named "Darkness and Light." Hmmm... I think I'll let everyone speculate on that for a little while. (Heh-heh)

Episodes 709 and 710 mark the halfway point of the season (Boy, how time travels!) and as Chris Potter finishes up directing his annual block of two episodes (707 and 708), Dean Bennett is in prep, getting ready to direct the upcoming two episodes that will mark the middle of of the seventh season of Canada's longest running one-hour dramatic series.

Today is also August 1, and that means it's also an easily identifiable mid-point of summer -- from the last week of June through the Labour Day weekend, August 1 reminds us that the fall is not all that far away. However, there're still lots of days left in the summer of 2013, and I for one wouldn't mind seeing a few more hot sunny days, because so far a lot of us across Canada have been shortchanged by Mother Nature.

Once again, I want to touch upon the very successful July 20 Fundraiser that was held in aid of High River, the town that plays Hudson, on Heartland.

The event was certainly made possible because the cast and grew donated their time and energy to make it happen. But it would not have been a huge success without the donations and contributions of other people, suppliers and companies who helped out.

Therefore Heartland would like to thank the following -

Shawna Church, Keith Church (Cal-B-Ques), Colleen Clancy, Karen Hutchinson, Lynne Garrison-Thomas and Colin Cyr (Cornerstone Creative), Technicolor Toronto, Claude Forrest (Multimedia Risk), Ian Kam (Production Paramedics), Samantha McGovern, Alberta Health Services (EMS-Calgary), Curtis Ott (Two Guys and Some Speakers), Teamsters Local 362, Mr. P. Potty, Canada Lands, West-Jet, the Delta Bow Valley Hotel, Equiproducts, the Rafter 6 Ranch, Stop & Go Reproductions Ltd., WR Display, Jody Seeley (Sun Country Radio), The Camera Store, McDonalds Restaurants of Canada, Martin-Brower of Canada, Coca-Cola Ltd., Leanne Harry & Jaspal Aulakh, Couey Auction Service, Dayna Dickens, Telus Community Affairs, the Town of High River, eOne Entertainment, the Walt Disney Company (Canada) Ltd, and the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation.


So that's it for this week. Hope y'all have a great long weekend, and we'll be sending out more information next week.

Until then I remain, as always, obediently yours.