The Thursday 04/25 blog: Why is this man smiling?

Posted on Apr 25, 2013

Everything is coming up roses

I have some good news and clicking through will get you to it!

As reported online and the Facebook Page for Heartland on CBC, Canada's favourite family drama fared very well at the annual Alberta Film & Television Awards, also known as the Rosies. The complete list of finalists was released yesterday and Heartland's 6th season received 13 nominations, more than any other program submitted for consideration.

To be eligible you have to be an Alberta resident, so the 13 nominations shows how much home grown talent there is in Alberta working in film and television.

Of course, Shaun Johnston has been nominated again as Jack Bartlett, which is why he's smiling in that picture.

Though he's not smiling in this photo, know that Nathaniel Arcand is honestly pleased to be receiving another nomination too!

Everything is coming up roses

Between saving Spartan's life and avoiding a crisis when Buckingham dies, our poor vet Scott (played by Arcand this season) did not have much reason to smile. Hopefully the stress is not as severe this upcoming season. But I digress. :)

That's it for the acting nominations, because technically none of the other actors on Heartland are Alberta residents. Without further ado, here's the complete list of nominations Heartland received:


"Heartland" Producers Jordy Randall and Tom Cox

BEST DIRECTOR (Drama Over 30 Minutes)

Dean Bennett - "The Road Ahead"

Grant Harvey - "Helping Hands"


Nathaniel Arcand - "Waiting for Tomorrow"

Shaun Johnston - "The Road Ahead"

BEST SCREENWRITER - Drama Over 30 Minutes

Mark Haroun - "Do The Right Thing"

BEST CINEMATOGRAPHER - Drama Over 30 Minutes

Craig Wrobleski - "The Road Ahead"

BEST EDITOR - Drama Over 30 Minutes

Ken Filewych - "The Road Ahead"

BEST OVERALL SOUND - Drama Over 30 Minutes

George Tarrant & Michael Leder - "Running Against The Wind"


Rick Roberts - "The Road Ahead"


Andre Ricard - "Helping Hands"


Ken Bitz & Jason Lavoie - "The Road Ahead (Computer Generated)

Leo Weiser - "The Road Ahead" (Practical)


So that's not too shabby, agreed? We'll learn how the nominees fare on Saturday, May 25 when the Rosies are handed out at the Winspear Centre in downtown Edmonton.

Now, let's tackle a few of those questions of yours.

First of all, I wonder how many of you thought the smile in the top photo was because I was going to tell everyone that Jack Bartlett is indeed coming back for Season 7?

Well, no such luck. I'm so proud of keeping my New Year's Resolution to not give too much away that I now have a stronger than ever resolve and that the big question - "What happens to Jack?" - is one that I'll not be giving any clues, hints or teases about.

So there!

However, other questions that I can and will answer...

Kat asked two good questions. How many Scripts are written to date? And, How does CBC know that someone watched Heartland, how does my view count?

Outlines for the first half of the season have been drawn up and the scripts are in various stages of development. Episodes 701 and 702 are written and are having last minute tweaks as they go to the Assistant Directors, who will come up with the shooting schedule (First day of filming - May 13!!!) and the scripts for the following episodes are being honed as well. The writers have a plan where they want to take this exciting season of Heartland, and from what I am hearing... it's going to be a good one.

How television audiences are tabulated is done through a very complicated process by a company called BBM Nielsen. They get a sampling across Canada from thousands of households where persons living in those houses report back with what they were watching on television and listening to on the radio. The company then takes that sampling and using a complicated formula comes up with an estimate of how many people are watching any given show or listening to any given radio station at any time. Is it 100% accurate? No, how could it be? But it does give a pretty good indication, and because the viewership for all shows on all Canadian networks are tabulated this way it certainly is a fair evaluation.

Brenda asks, I saw one of the photos of the back drop of the farm and then the steps to the house, are the filming of the house scences done in studio? Or is there acually a house that they film in?

The interior of the ranch house is entirely shot in a studio in Calgary. The exterior you see on the ranch set is a well built facade. If someone wanted to sink some money into it that shell of a house could be turned into a very nice homestead, but at the moment the inside is used for storage and craft services, where the cast and crew can get coffee and snacks during production. As well, there is a green room where the cast can relax instead of returning to their trailers when they are in between scenes.

Jen asks, Is there an estimated date for when season 6 will be available on DVD?

eOne, the company that markets and sells Heartland's DVDs, is waiting to learn (as are we all!) when Season 7 is going to be broadcast on CBC. As soon as they know this they will come up with a date that is very close to the premiere date so the premiere can help the DVD launch date and vice versa. Some people call this synergy. I just call it a smart idea! :)

Sara asks, Will amy and ty get married in season 7?

Well, we're all going to have to wait and see, aren't we? I have no idea for as I wrote above, only the scripts to 701 and 702 have been written so far, and those writers are as good as me at keeping secrets!

Kar asks, When Is the date that season 7 airs?

We don't know yet, but as soon as I know you'll know. An educated guess would be middle to late September or early October, for that is when Heartland has always premiered the past 6 seasons. If something ain't broke why fix it? :D

I need to know (probably NOT his or her real name) asks, Is heartland going to be in Red Deer next week for the mane event?!

No. The Mane Event is a great equine event, both the spring one in Red Deer and the fall one in Chilliwack and Heartland has been represented at both in the past, but due to scheduling and availability appearances during the non-broadcast portions of the calendar are being kept to a minimum.

Sarah D asks, Are they casting for season 7? if they are, where are they casting? id love to audition

A lot of requests come in from people who would like to try for a role on Heartland and I hope you all know that all the actors who appear on the series are trained professionals. Heartland is a top tier produced television series and when roles need to be filled the casting director sends a description to agents and managers across the country and from a pool of professional actors a short list of actors are selected to audition for those roles.

Shani wrote, can Ty have his old hairstyle (until season 5) back? I liked him much more like that :-)

In a word, no. Ty is growing up and that Bieber look (which Ty had long before JB) doesn't fit him any more.

Bridey asked (2 weeks ago), Considering the weather we're having in Calgary there might be snow on the ground when filming starts :) What would happen then?!

To tell you the truth, even members of the crew were starting to ask that question. But now I think you'll agree that although it took its own sweet time, spring is now here!

Hally wrote, Hinting again that someone won't be back next year BW?

Now Heavens to Betsy!!! Would I ever mislead Heartlanders? Not I!!! So yes, someone will NOT be returning. Honest. You do believe me... right? If so, do I have a lovely bridge to sell you. Heh heh.

Abc wrote, Why do you always have such big cliff hangers at the end of each season?

1 season- ty leaves

2 season -Ty and Amy get back together

3 season - Ty goes on a road trip

4 season - Lou has her baby

5 season - Amy finds the ring

6 season - Jack might be dying

Okay, I will grant you that Seasons 5 and 6 ended with suspenseful cliff hangers. But Season 2 - Ty and Amy get back together? and Season 4 - Lou has her baby? Those are not cliff hangers; those are happy endings. But to answer your basic questions, because they help keep fans curious! To tell you the truth, I am pretty curious as well. :)

So I think that about does it for this week. Some of you have written down suggestions of things you would like to see in upcoming blogs and all suggestions will be considered.

In the meantime, you know this Blog Whisperer is going to be spending a lot more time outside enjoying the second month of spring. Before you know it summer will be here and Heartland will be well into full production. Really, we don't have long to wait, as filming starts in 18 days. My spies will be reporting from set, trust me on this!

Have fun until Tuesday, when the next Time Killer comes your way.

Until then I remain, obediently yours,