The September 28 Time Killer

Posted on Aug 26, 2014
What? Is it September 28 already? You might be thinking a lot about that date, and who could blame any true blue Heartlander for wanting season 8 to premiere? This is especially true since we have confirmed that yes, September 28 is the launch date for television’s favourite family series’ record setting 8th season.
No, I guess you could say I’m sticking with this week’s theme of hammering home the premiere date - Sunday, September 28 at 7:00pm across Canada (7:30pm in Newfoundland) by presenting you with a time killer centred on that very date.
It’s pretty straight forward as long as you do a little research and by the time you finish it  you will know more about this one date than any other (except perhaps your birthday!).
So then...
1) Until this date in 1701, what was it not legal for a married couple to do in the soon to become State of Maryland?
2) In 1867 - the year of Canada’s Confederation - what city became the capital of the Province of Ontario?
3) In 1942 what National Hockey League (NHL) team folded on September 28?
4) In 1962 the first Canadian satellite was launched on September 28. What was its  name?
5) On September 28, 1972, Canada defeated the USSR in the eighth and final game of the famous Summit Series. Who scored the winning goal?
6) One of the world’s most famous philosophers in history was born on September 28. Who was he? (Bonus: In what year was he born?)
7) Now there are a lot of celebrities who give their children “unique” names, but one of the first was musician Frank Zappa. What did he name his daughter, who was born on September 28, 1967?
8) On the same day/date as #7 above, what Academy Award winning actor was also born?
9) Known for her Disney Channel television series “Lizzie McGuire,” what actor was born on September 28, 1987?
10) On September 28, 1891, the author of the most famous three word sentence to ever start a novel, died. Who was he? Bonus Question: What was the novel? EXTRA Bonus Question: What was the sentence?
11) In 1953 this famous astronomer died on September 28. His name lives on as the name of the most famous space telescope, which is still operating. Who was he?
12) It is now 33 days until September 28. Coincidentally, what Pope died on this date in 1978, after serving only 33 days as Pope?
13) In 2000, the 15th Prime Minister of Canada passed away at age 81 on September 28. Who was he?
14) If you were born on September 28, what is your astrological sign?
So that’s all I have for you this week. If, while you are researching the answers you click on things you’ve never heard of and learn some new stuff that can only be a good thing. 
Remember, it's my mandate to inform, entertain and educate. (And I do love my job!)
As for last week, once again Mystery_Girl was the first in with the correct answers to the four-letter word ladder. I am starting to think she likes solving these time killers! Her correct answers can be found in the comments section on last week’s blog. 
Will she be first in next week? Or will someone else be the first to ace the above quiz? I don’t know. All I know about one week from today is that we will be seven days closer to September 28 - 26 days from Heartland’s season 8 premiere, instead 33 days.
And that cannot be a bad thing, no?