The Latest Thursday Heartland treats

Posted on May 6, 2010

Amber and Graham - or Amy and Ty!

When I wrote that I'd always have some information to post on Thursdays I was (just a teeeny bit) wondering if I would have trouble finding new stuff to write about each week.  After all, this period between when Heartland was not running new episodes and the start of filming the upcoming season often has not to terribly much going on...

Well, in a word... ha! I say HA! Click through for more!

True to form, here's this Thursday's ramblings. Only one more Thursday before the filming of Season 4 starts, and once that happens I'm going to have a lot for you in the upcoming weeks. But for now...

1) I'm going to extend the deadline for asking questions of editor Ken Filewych until Monday. The post was a little slow to get up on Facebook, so I'm adding a few days to give you guys more time to post a question. Please do so on that post (not here!!) which is the most recent entry prior to this one.

2) I recently told you about the Alberta Film & Television Awards and how Heartland had received 13 nominations for Albertans working on the series. Well in British Columbia they have the "Leo Awards", which honour film and television in that province. Again, to be eligible you have to reside in BC.

We are pleased to announce that this week Heartland received 2 nominations for the upcoming Leo Awards -

Best Screenwriting in a Dramatic Series - Ken Craw, for the episode "Quarantine," and

Best Lead Performance by a Male in a Dramatic Series - Graham Wardle, for the episode "The Starting Gate". [note: this was initially listed as a different (wrong) title. see my notes in the comments below for the explanation!]

Congratulations to both of you guys! I'm sure Graham has a smile on his face and Ken is off dancing! Or something. The winners will be announced June 5 and I'll let you know if Ken and/or Graham win. They're both going to be in Vancouver for the awards where they will be having a good time in the ballroom of the Westin Bayshore, the venue for the event.

3) In case you forgot - Heartland Season 2 is now available on DVD in Canada! It hit the streets on Tuesday and is available in a variety of stores. The set contains the complete second season (201 through 218), as well as bonus extras. Heartland Season 1 has also been reissued as a single set DVD package, combining the two previous half-season DVD sets that came out earlier. In case you're wondering, there's nothing new in the just-released Season 1, other than the packaging. So be advised...

4) Last week there were photos of the meet and greet with BC cast members at the equestrian centre in Surrey, and I'm adding a new video below. AND, I'm going to post some photos of Amber from two recent appearances she made, in London, Ontario and in Red Deer Alberta. Watch for them here! Soon! Really!

5) Oh, and speaking of DVDs, if you are in France, watch for the full first season of Heartland to come out soon, complete with lots of extras for you to enjoy.

6) Lastly, as I mentioned: for those of you that were at the signing a little while back at the A & T Equestrian Centre in Surrey, BC, where a bunch of fans got to hang with Jessica Amlee (Mallory), Graham Wardle (Ty), Kerry James (Caleb), Cindy Busby (Ashley), Wanda Cannon (Val) and Jake Church (Jake), here's a short video shot and edited by the awesome Jay Brown who was on-scene. Thanks Jay!

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Well that's all for now... remember, you still have a couple more days to ask a question of one of Heartland's editors extrordinare, Ken Filewych, so go for it! You can get to that post by clicking "Previous" at the top of this post!

That's all this week. I'll have more news and info for you next week!