The latest installment of the Heartland Q&A - Amber Marshall

Posted on Mar 1, 2010

Who is this?

I'll be putting up Michelle Morgan's answers for you to read later in the week, but because it is Monday and we need something to do now that the Olympics are over (besides looking forward to a new episode of Heartland this Sunday!!!) we give you Amber Marshall! Click through! And if you're reading this on Facebook you need to go the the CBC Heartland website to send in a question! So what are you waiting for?!

Okay, so this is your chance to ask Amber - who we all know as Amy Fleming on Heartland - a question.

As always, please try and be original and I must stress - ONE QUESTION ONLY. Here's the thing: anyone who asks more than one question will not have any of their questions even considered, no matter how awesome they are. Sorry, but I have to do the "tough love" thing this time, as I have a teeny little suspicion that we're going to get rather a lot of questions. That being said, she is totally looking forward to your questions, so ask away!

Amber's answers will appear next week.

So have fun, and perhaps Amber will be able to answer that question you've always wanted to ask!