The last Tuesday Time Killer of season 8

Posted on Feb 17, 2015

Because of the Academy Awards there won't be a new episode of Heartland this Sunday, BUT that's the very last time I'm writing that THIS season, because every Sunday in March - yes, all five of them - will have a new episode to finish off season 8!!!!

So here's my last Time Killer of this broadcast season, and so I thought I'd present you with a spot the differences puzzle. I think it's hard, but you are such clever puzzle and quiz solving Heartlanders you might not have a lot of trouble finding the eight differences below.

My last Time Killer - the Word Ladder of Jack & Lisa - was first solved by Mystery_Girl, who has been the first to solve more than a few of these Time Killers.

Let's see who gets today's puzzle correct the fastest. Have fun! And watch for my regular blog on Thursday.