The last challenge before Sunday’s Heartland premiere

Posted on Sep 23, 2014

Well, here we are -- the last Tuesday Time Killer of the off-season (that time between a season finale and the following season premiere). Over the past 4 months I've created a few puzzles, games and interesting quizzes. I've also come up with some fun exercises where I asked you to put your thinking caps on and be creative. For this last time killer, I'm going to do that one more time. Does that sound like fun?

I want you to come up with 1 (and only one) question about Heartland. Anything you might want to know the answer to. These may range from simple questions such as “When does season 8 premiere?” -- Which you should already know is this Sunday at 7:00pm (7:30pm) on CBC -- to the most obscure, hard-to-answer question you can come up with.

I'll still typically be answering the occassional question in my usual Thursday blogs, and the ones I don't address in the next little while, I'll answer in a massive Q & A the next time I write a Time Killer Tuesday (which will be in about 2 months).

Now I stress - please submit one question only below. I'll ignore comments that have more than one question, so I suggest you scroll through the comments once they begin appearing to ensure your question has already not be asked. 

One last thing to add - I'll answer every question that I can, but I won't reveal personal information about any cast or crew member without their permission, and I won't reveal spoilers. Other than that I'll do my best!!!

So there you go - what's your question? Think hard about this, and ask it in below.

On a separate note, CBC has two series premiering on Sunday; Heartland at 7:00 pm and Canada’s Smartest Person at 8:00pm. Once Heartland finishes keep watching and see what I've heard is going to be a very interesting show. Check out their website here... and you can download their app here.

Personally, I don’t know who Canada’s smartest person is, but I can tell you I'm declaring Mystery_Girl the smartest person over the past few months when it comes to solving my Time Killers in here. I'll contact her and there'll be a special little something coming her way. There never was a contest; she just impressed me with all her answers and I'm feeling generous. That’s why I am the Blog Whisperer I am!

That's it for today!