The Hiatus week blog

Posted on Jun 30, 2016

As most who follow Heartland on CBC's social pages know, season 10 is taking a break from production until Monday, July 4th, when block 3 will resume filming.

For our American Heartlanders who wonder, "You are working on the holiday?" I say, "Yes - YOUR holiday. Not Canada's."

You see tomorrow is Friday, July 1 and that is Canada Day. So this is where I wish all Canadian Heartlanders a very happy 149th birthday of our great nation. I hope everyone has a fun long weekend, and next week will resume to normal, certainly as far as production goes. It has to, if season 10 is to premiere on Sunday, October 2. And it will. Oh yes friends and fans, it most definitely will.

Maintaining my promise to show you photos you have never seen before I have a selection of unit stills and production photos, all from season 9's third block, which was filmed one year ago. I thought it made sense to do that.

So that's it from your favourite friendly Blog Whisperer - low on text but high on imagery. After all, I am on hiatus too. But as long as Heartland is around I will post my weekly blog every Thursday. There's something calming about that, don't you think?

Anyway, may everyone in Canada and the United States have wonderful long weekends and may all other Heartland fans around the world have a great weekend as well.

That's all today; I'll be back next week and until then I remain, as always, obediently yours.

And oh yes! Our countdown update - it is now 94 (ninety-four, count 'em) days until the premiere episode of season 10 is broadcast across Canada by CBC Television. Let me now close off with another constant -

Tick... tick... tick...