The first post of April - It’s a questions-and-horses day!

Posted on Apr 5, 2012


Answering questions is something I do a lot of during the off season and although I still have no information or updates on the big question that is in everyone's minds, there were a few great questions which have popped up in recent weeks, so I'm going to answer them now! Read on...

One that caught my eye was from Free Spirit, who wrote, ...I am also trying to find that gorgeous photo you posted fairly recently of the herd of horses in the episode "One Day" can you help me find it? I wanted to edit it and put a quote on it.

Well, FS - You're right, it is gorgeous! And so it's one of our pics of the day! I'm sure a lot of new fans will appreciate seeing it for the first time.

That set me to thinking, why not fill the photo section on today's post with horse-only images that haven't appeared on the blog before? So that's what I did! All the remaining photographs were expertly taken by stills photographer Andrew Bako during the filming of Episode 516 - "Wild Horses." Here's hoping you enjoy them!

Now back to your questions...

Debbie Moore wrote, I just discovered Heartland last year and living in the US we are still way behind your Canada viewers. I like finding out what's ahead by reading your posts. Is there anyway we can purchase at least the first 4 seasons in the US?

Yes, there are different companies, and is one of them who acquire many copies of the DVD sets of Heartland's seasons and make them available around the world. And from what fans have been reporting, they get processed and delivered very promptly!

Please note: if you're in Canada and want to order Heartland DVDs online, you can do so through the CBC gift shop - but CBC isn't able to ship outside of Canada.

nadeau wrote, When will season 5 be on DVD?

Well I have an update for everyone and unfortunately once again it means we're going to have to wait a while. A few weeks back I reported that eOne in Canada was going to be releasing Season 5 in June and although that was the original plan the company has just changed their schedule and now the 5th Season of Heartland will be available in August. As soon as I have the exact date I'll let everyone know in here. I know it means more waiting, but look at it this way: the August date is still three months ahead of November, when the past seasons of Heartland have been released!

JordanG wrote, dear BW, the cbc player will not work for me. When I click play, I get a voice that says, "This content is unavailable." I live in the United States. I have searched all over YouTube for episodes of heartland season 5 but apparently YouTube keeps deleting the episode. I know other people in the US and maybe other countries have experienced this problem. I have tried buying the episodes on iTunes but apparently they are only available for purchase in the Canadian iTunes store? Can you help me out as to how I can watch the episodes? I love Heartland very much and we are very behind in seasons here, only on #3.

Unfortunately Jordan, CBC only has the rights to stream these episodes to people in Canada. Heartland has been sold to 118 countries and in each of those countries the local broadcaster is the one who determines how the episodes can be delivered - including streaming. And in those countries with iTunes or Netflix the episodes can't be made available before they air on television. Because the US is a couple of seasons behind it's unfortunate, but eventually all episodes WILL air in your country. As I said above though, DVD's are available!

Chara wrote, Question BW: If we write any fan mail to the address given on this site, will the cast or others associated with the show still get it if there is no 6th season?

The address is still valid and yep - all mail addressed properly and received will get delivered. It may some time for the actors to get your letter though.

Sarah wrote, Do Amber Marshall and Graham Wardle and Jessica Amlee and everyone else actually write back to their fans? or does someone write back for them?

If a letter or card is personally addressed to an actor it is delivered to them. How each actor chooses to handle each of the correspondences is up to them - I don't really have anything to do with that.

Kayla wrote, Blog Whisperer is it true that the Season 2 DVD set of Heartland will be out here in the U.S. June 5th?

Yes Kayla, the 18-episode Season 2 which aired in Canada and has now been seen on U.S. television will be going on sale June 5. So in addition to the 13-episode Season 1 you'll be able to find the second season in actual stores in the United States!

Claire wrote, I live in the uk and Heartland is not on the tv over here ive got all the dvds so far when will season 5 be out on dvd in the uk?

In both the UK and in France Heartland's 5th Season is going to be broadcast later this year. In the past both countries have released the DVDs shortly after their initial airing. As I wrote earlier, Heartland is in 118 countries and I don't have all the dates of broadcast nor DVD street dates - all though there are tons of AWESOME fans all over the world who post details like that here on the blog! The best thing to do is check with the broadcaster in your country; they are the ones who will have the most information for you.

BCinCA wrote, Thanks for your most recent blog entry. I especially enjoyed hearing the story of how the season 1 ending came about. Could you share more with us about how our favorite show is produced?

A lot of people enjoy behind the scenes stories and if you go through past blog posts you can find a ton of them. For those of you new to this site, you can find a lot of information on how the series is filmed. For a great starting place, check out the "Q&A" link in the categories list on the right hand side of this page!

Kayla also wrote, Blog Whisperer, I've been wondering this for awhile now, why was the season 4 package art for Heartland not a photoshoot picture like the first 3 seasons?

That was a decision that eOne, the DVD distributor, made in their packaging. Perhaps they wanted a different look to make it stand out from the other seasons. I think you'll find that Season 5 will have a completely different look as well! The production supplies hundreds of photos to the broadcasters and distributors in the different markets where Heartland is made available, but has no input other than final approval over how the advertising and marketing of the series looks.

Sarah also wrote, will you still be putting blog posts up even during the summer on every Thursday?

You know it, Sarah! Every Thursday, as I have for years!

Well, that's it for this week.

Next week I should be able to answer additional questions that appear in here, and if there's any breaking news you may see a blog post in the near future, not necessarily on a Thursday.

Have a great Easter weekend!

The Blog Whisperer - off to hide, find, and eat(!) some chocolate eggs.