The first few minutes of Sunday’s encore episode!

Posted on Nov 2, 2018

In the spirit of the usual rollout of Heartland "First Look" videos, here is a look at the first few minutes of this weekend's encore episode of Heartland. The episode is called "A Place To Call Home" (episode 1116). It was written by Pamela Pinch and directed by Rachel Leiterman.  

Here's a quick synopsis of the episode:

A training accident results in a serious injury and Georgie feels conflicted when an unlikely ally arrives at Heartland to show support. Meanwhile, Jack begins to consider his legacy and what he wants to leave to his family, but is interrupted when he and Mitch work to save a winter calf at risk of starvation. Jack is also caught in the middle when Lisa’s projects begin to take over the ranch house and she decides to make Amy’s room into an office.

Don't miss it this Sunday at 6/6:30NT on CBC!