The countdown to Season 10 begins!

Posted on Jun 23, 2016

Happy Thursday, Heartlanders. I don't have a lot to tell you, but what I do have to impart to you fans is of great importance.

Firstly, we are going to officially begin the countdown to the premiere of Heartland season 10 on CBC Television.

That's right Canada; Amy, Ty, Jack, Lou, Georgie and Tim and supporting cast will return with brand new stories in 18 all new episodes beginning on Sunday, October 2.

So that is exactly 101 days (or sleeps) from now. Or 13 more Thursday blogs for me to come up with interesting tidbits, photos and other news. You may look at a calendar and say, "Hey BW! Are there not 14 Thursdays between now and October 2?"

Yes there are, friends, but on that 14th Thursday - the one immediately before the October 2 premiere - I am going to use that to write about nothing but the first episode of season 10, to get you all primed for what I promise will be an interesting season of television's favourite family drama.

Secondly, I now have a date when season 9 will be released on DVD in Canada. Heartland season 9 will be available on Tuesday, October 4.

Now, just for fans in Canada (or in France) who purchase the bilingual English-French DVDs - those will not be released until early in 2017. On October 4 the DVDs of season 9 will be in English only.

Now you know.

Production has been going along swimmingly! Tomorrow is day 3 of the 15-day 3rd block of production, which will see episodes 1005 and 1006 filmed.

After tomorrow however production will be taking a hiatus, enabling out of town cast and crew to return home to reacquaint themselves with family, friends and loved ones. Or... they may be taking a week long vacation, to Cuba or to Wimbledon perhaps.

Anyway, no production days means no production tweets. Everyone will return to work on Monday, July 4 which coincidentally will be day 4 of the third block.

So wish everyone a good break until they return on Independence Day. By the way, Canada Day is July 1; that's when we Canadians have our national holiday.

Me? I'll be back with more info and a selection of never before seen photos, which is what I have for you today - nine images from block 6 of season 9; some unit, some scenic and some production. I hope you enjoy them.

Have a safe weekend friends and fans and I will be back next Thursday.

Until then I remain, as always, obediently yours.

And oh yes - the countdown to season 10 is now on: 101 days and counting: tick... tick... tick...