The Countdown begins to the March 27 Season 4 Finale!!!

Posted on Mar 16, 2011

Chris and Barney

Last week's episode introduced us all to Miranda (Maxim Roy) and her son Shane (Sam Duke) and this has certainly turned up the heat and the anxiety level for Tim (Chris Potter).  You can be sure that storyline is going to be further explored in 10 days when the Season 4 Finale airs on March 27. Click through to the blog post for a bunch of news!

This week there is no Heartland because of a scheduled Hockey Night in Canada game on CBC featuring the Montreal Canadiens and the Minnesota Wild. This gives everyone longer to stew about what is going to happen not only with Tim, but with Amy and Ty, Caleb and Ashley and Lou and Peter. And let's not forget Mallory and Jack, who always contribute to the mix!

So please be patient, Heartland fans! Just 10 more days and many questions will be answered...

Speaking of the number 10, we are 3 days into the 10 days of daily giving away a complete Season 3 DVD set. You can only enter once, but your name is eligible for all the draws, so if you have not entered you can do so here -  If you are not entering or can't wait, Season 3 hits the stores next Tuesday, on March 22.

I'm going to repeat a few things, just to cut down on the questions that invariably get asked.  Yes, there will be an 18-episode Season 5, which will begin filming in May and will begin broadcasting on CBC in late September.  And so far no date has been set for the DVD releases of either "A Heartland Christmas" or Heartland Season 4.  As I love to say: when I know, you will be the first to learn about it right here on the official Heartland blog!

You will notice I have posted a photograph of Chris Potter with Barney, the grizzly bear from "The River," the episode Chris directed.  On the day of filming our Production Manager, Lorenz Augustin, took this photo and I wanted to share it with you, to show you what a beautiful creature the bear is and also, I don't know about you, but unlike Chris, I don't think I could turn my back on that bear, no matter how well trained he is! I would like to rub his tummy, though... (the bear's, not Chris Potter's!)

Speaking of Chris, he is going to be the featured guest at the Country Music Festival in Mirande, France, from July 13 - 17 of this year.   Mirande is a lovely town located about 80 km west of Toulouse, not far from the border that separates France from Spain.  Occasionally the stars from Heartland do make guest appearances outside of Canada, and so if you are a fan of Heartland in France, here is your chance to meet one of the series' stars.  Here is the Official Site for the Festival - .

Now, getting back to our contests. After next Friday, when all 10 DVDs have been given away, there will be one day - Saturday - when no contest is going on. Then on Sunday, March 27 - the same day as the Season Finale - we are launching another contest which will give one smart and lucky fan an opportunity to be a part of Heartland history!  Not only is the contest launching on the same day as the Season Finale, it will launch on CBC television immediately after the conclusion of the Season Finale. A little more on this next week!

Also next week the last "On Set with Jessica Amlee" video will run - Part 2 of her and Graham recording some crew members on the final day of filming. If you haven't seen her earlier interviews (There are 8 of them up now, on the "Extras" page.)

So that's it for this week's blog post.  One more new episode to wrap up Season 4 - in 10 days - and it's going to be a doozie.  Have a great weekend, and there will be more photos and news and information for you to read here next week.

Until then...

Tick... tick... tick...

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