The 100th Episode Prize Winner’s Visit

Posted on Aug 8, 2013

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Recently Heartland hosted a visit for the national prize winner of the 100th episode contest the show ran back in March, near the end of Season 6's broadcast. [Click through for more]

Sponsored by CBC, Heartland and Alberta Film, the winner was Carmen Baum of Gravenhurst, Ontario, who was flown out with two of her friends to spend a full day on the ranch set at Heartland, meet the cast and watch scenes being filmed.

As you can see from these photos, the three of them had a great time. This first photo is of Carmen and Spartan.

More about season four

She and her two friends had a lovely sunny day on the ranch set -

More about season four

More about season four

More about season four

All of the actors spent time talking and taking photos with them. Here's a smiling Chris Potter taking a break from directing to greet the guests -

More about season four

And as an added bonus Carmen and her friends got to meet Alisha on her birthday -

More about season four

After she returned home Carmen was kind enough to send the show the following note -


To Everyone at Heartland,

I just wanted to say THANK YOU to Heartland, CBC and Alberta Film for the once in a lifetime opportunity given to me as the winner of theHeartland 100th episode contest. My friends and I were flown to Calgary, stayed at the beautiful Westin Hotel and got to spend the day at the ranch watching Heartland being filmed!

After watching for 6 seasons we never would have imagined that we'd find ourselves on the porch of the Bartlett house, sitting in Ty's truck, standing behind Lou's desk in the barn office, climbing the stairs up to the loft or scratching Spartan's neck.

Wait! Did I mention that we got to meet the cast?That was the very best part! It was so much fun to chat with them, watch them work and be a part of it all.

We had no idea just how many hours, and how much hard work and dedication is required to create our favorite television show. I'm even more excited for Season 7 to start now that I've had the chance to sit behind the camera and call "action" on a scene!

Each week we tune in to watch the Bartlett family - but I can tell you that Heartland Family is one like no other. Every person we met, from cast to crew, left an impression on us. They made us feel so welcome, showed us how the magic is made,surprised us, made us laugh, answered all of our questions and absolutely blew us away with their incredible hospitality and kindness. It's obvious that they absolutely love what they do and they put their hearts and souls into making Heartland what it has grown to be over the last 6 seasons. I hope that they too, tune in on Sunday nights and watch with pride.

Again, a huge thank you to everyone who played a part in making this a trip we will never forget!



Thanks for the kind words Carmen! The cast and crew were still on a high from meeting all the fans at the fundraising open house the previous weekend, so it was great to have Carmen and her friends, who are all horse people, come visit for the full day.

There'll be other opportunities for set visits, through more charity auctions and giveaways. Keep an eye out for them, and keep reading this Thursday blog -- your main source for all things Heartland.

I wanted to devote this entire blog to Carmen's visit, so next week I'll answer some questions and drop a huge bombshell about something that will be happening in Season 7 (I am such a tease, no?)!

Oh I do love being your Blog Whisperer. :D

Until then, I remain, obediently yours.