Surviving February…

Posted on Feb 11, 2010

Canadian Cowboy Magazine

Ah, February - the shortest month of the year, and in 2010 a month that has no new episodes of Heartland. For all of you patiently - and also for those IMpatiently :) - waiting for the last four episodes of Season 3 don't despair; they are coming every Sunday on CBC beginning March 7. I do have news though - click on through!

Normally there would have only been a one-week break this month to accommodate fans who did not want to be torn between Heartland and the Super Bowl, but as most of you are aware, starting tomorrow the Vancouver Winter Olympics start and will run for the following three weekends.

If you do tune in to the CBC this Sunday at 7:00pm you can watch the repeat broadcast of the third episode of this season - Man's Best Friend - which originally aired last year on October 18. This is the one where Jack has to face the fact that his good old reliable truck is no longer good nor reliable... just old, and Jack - a man who resists change - must now face the prospect of replacing a part of his past that holds fond memories.  It is a coincidence that this episode airs on Valentines Day, but it is quite appropriate as it deals with the loves of his past and present.

On a completely different subject, if you visit your newsstands - the ones that have a wide selection of magazines - you can pick up the new issue of Canadian Cowboy Country Magazine. There is an awesome article on Heartland featuring Amber Marshall on the cover.

And, for our friends in France, Channel 18 - Gulli - has begun broadcasting Season 1 on Monday nights at 8:30pm, showing two episodes back to back each week. It's a great way to catch up on Heartland if you live in France and have never seen the series.

As for our blog here, watch for Chris Potter's answers to this week's Q & A next week, as well as someone new for fans to pose questions to. Plus, a special surprise tomorrow!