Sunday is Episode 1002; Time to PVR?

Posted on Oct 6, 2016

This Sunday brings all of us in Canada an ALL NEW episode of Heartland on CBC.

I know Heartlanders across this great country of ours are going to want to watch it. However, you must be aware of two other things happening this Sunday -

1) It is Canadian Thanksgiving weekend. Many families choose to get together and have a giant family dinner on this day. Quite often it can be well past 7:00pm when anyone realizes that there's a new episode of Heartland on television. So for that reason alone you should all be turning to your PVR settings to make sure you don't miss this Sunday's episode.

Need another reason? Okay...

2) The Toronto Blue Jays are going to be playing their first home playoff game of their divisional MLB baseball series on Sunday. Newfoundland, New Bruswick, Nova Scotia and Prince Edward Island will be able to watch Heartland first and then the baseball game without recording one of them, but everywhere else in Canada will have a viewing conflict, so I urge you all to consider PVRing this Sunday's episode of Heartland.

I'm going to shortly reveal a bit about the episode but first I'd like to touch upon a few other things before I do so.

A) The Calgary International Film Festival Gala celebrating ten years of Heartland was a wonderful affair last Saturday. Fans from around the globe gathered and enjoyed a one-hour Q & A with all the lead cast, watched last week's premiere episode a day ahead of its initial broadcast on CBC and were entertained by Jenn Grant, who performed Heartland's theme song - "Dreamer" - as the opening number of a great set. She was joined on stage by Shaun Johnston at the end of the evening for an impromptu duet.

Heartland wishes to thank Jenn for coming out to perform and also a huge thank you to the wonderful folks at the Calgary International Film Festival, who truly hosted an evening that will be fondly remembered by all involved with the series.

B) Season 10 is playing in Canada only. Each episode is first broadcast on CBC at 7:00pm across the country (7:30pm in Newfoundland) and then the CBC Player will have the episode for Canadians who missed it. CBC does not have the rights to broadcast or stream the episode outside of Canada.

C) In the United States season 9 is available on a total of 6 networks: UP, LeSEA, the CW Plus, Family, Retro and (don't laugh) the Heartland Network. For dates, days, episodes and times please go to these networks'web pages. No one on YouTube is authorized to show any episodes of Heartland.

D) The filming of season 10 is two-thirds of the way over. Because of weather and other peculiarities the block 7 schedule is changing a bit, but the cast and crew will adapt as they always have.

E) Because we are in broadcast mode I will be suspending my What's Up Wednesday Facebook posts until we have a Wednesday with no new Heartland episode the following Sunday. But THAT's not happening until late in November.

Now Canada - you have a new episode this Sunday!

The second episode of season 10 is titled, "You Just Know." It was written by Mark Haroun and directed by Bruce McDonald, who also directed the season premiere.

In this new episode Ty is forced to perform surgery on Minnie, while Amy and the family work around the clock to bottle feed her twin foals. Meanwhile, on the Extreme Team front, Georgie is becoming friends with Samantha (guest star Sarah Fisher) but sometimes there are things about your friends you wish you didn't know. Something bad is going to happen.

Also, forced together on a trail ride, Lou and Mitch come to terms with their natural attraction and Lou reaches a decision concerning her immediate future. And Adam forces Georgie to "dig deep" when she has to write an essay on her most memorable moment. As for Katie, we will find she is maybe a little tougher than some family members think.

And okay - I let this leak on our social media pages, so I guess I must include it here to quell rumours... there will be a death in this episode. But even at that I am betting you are all going to find it a fun and touching episode. Yes Heartlanders, I am giving out a tissue alert.

So that's this Sunday's NEW episode of television's favourite family drama - Heartland. It's the tenth season so once again I have put up 10 (count 'em) photos from this upcoming episode.

I hope you can catch it. I will certainly be watching it again.

Then next week I will be here with my regular Thursday blog, to set you up for episode 1003, which airs the following Sunday. Until then I remain, as always, obediently yours.