Sunday, February 13 - Heartland returns with a new episode!!!!

Posted on Feb 10, 2011

Episode 414

Now that the big sporting events of the past two weeks are behind us (whew!) it's time for another NEW EPISODE OF HEARTLAND and I think you're going to find this one to be well worth watching (of course!) In it, Stewart Forrest - the owner of the horse in Season 3's premiere - "Miracle" - returns and shows us a side of him we didn't know existed. Click through to the blog post for the scoop on this episode, and a bunch of pictures!


Okay - a couple of things to get out of the way first:

1) In case you missed it, Episode 4 of "On Set with Jessica Amlee" is up on the Extras page. This time, Jessica visits the edit suite! And as always, there'll be a new one up on Monday.

2) Remember that upcoming Facebook contest I mentioned? We'll it's launching on Monday (Sorry - I'm going to delay it by a day or two, as I want to get a better picture of the awesome prize!), and it's going to be open to everyone, wherever you are (providing you're a fan of Heartland on Facebook, of course!) I'll post about it here and on Facebook next week - so make sure you come back!

3) Speaking of Facebook, have you noticed the new just-for-fun "Caption this Heartland Photo" challenge? Over the coming weeks I'll be adding new photos to that album and YOU are going to come up with HILARIOUS captions for them, by clicking on the picture and commenting under it. There are two up there right now, and I'll be posting a new one tomorrow!

Now, back to this weeks episode...

In Episode 414 - "Leap of Faith, " written by Andrew Wreggitt and directed by Eleanore Lindo, Stewart (played by guest star Daniel Fathers) wants Amy to train his daughter Riana (played by guest star Sara Brynn Foster) on her new horse for an upcoming equestrian event. He has some pretty, ummm, specific (in other words, rigid) ideas, and between his restrictions and the "helpful" advice Amy receives from the ever present Chase Powers, a formula for disaster is concocted. I think that Chase should move onto the ranch. How about you? ;)

Meanwhile, having convinced Ty to return to Heartland, his job, and his studies, Jack decides to try to remedy something else that's taken a wrong turn.

Lou is starting to show signs of the baby she is carrying, and Peter is starting to show worrying traits and behaviour, causing a situation that reaches a boiling point when Lou finally demands to know what is going on.

Chase is still seeing Soraya, but his recent ploys have put a strain between Soraya and Amy, something neither of the girls are enjoying.

And Ty? He's back at Heartland and showing signs that he belongs. No pool hall scenes this episode, you'll be glad to know. Or some of you, anyway.

A lot happens this week on Heartland. Be sure to catch "Leap of Faith" in Canada this Sunday at 7:00pm (7:30pm in Newfoundland) on CBC. And as always, come back and tell everyone what you think!

Episode 414

Episode 414

Episode 414

Episode 414

Episode 414