Summer Repeat: Episode 108 - Out of the Darkness

Posted on Jul 21, 2008

The pressure is on when a famous race horse, Gallant Prince, is sent to Heartland to see if it can be rehabilitated. The horse has been terribly burned and injured in a highly published stable fire. Its physical scars have healed but the mental ones remain. Lou makes the mistake of talking to a reporter and soon all eyes are on Amy and her "gift". Unfortunately, for the first time, Amy feels totally incapable of dealing with this damaged horse and she finally reaches out to Ryan, the equally wounded and scarred young trainer who worked with Gallant Prince and who blames himself for the fire. Full of guilt, he has shut himself away from the world, on his way to ruining his relationship with his wife of only one year. Amy manages to pull the young man out of his shell and puts him back in charge of training the horse with amazing results. In convincing Ryan that he has to come to terms with the pain of the past in order to move forward, Amy finds the strength to finally reconnect with her father. But when it comes to dealing with her feelings for Ty, Amy still isn't ready to risk her heart.

Sundays at 7 pm on CBC Television. Watch Heartland Season One this summer, so you'll be caught up on the whole season in time for the season premiere of Season Two this fall. Will Ty return to Heartland? Watch to find out.