Special Encore Episode This Sunday: Strength of Bonds (1115)

Posted on Oct 25, 2018

Over the past several Sundays, we have been airing special encore episodes from Heartland season 11.  This Sunday, if you haven't already seen it, you can watch episode 1115, Strength of Bonds at 6pm/6:30NT on CBC Television. If you have already seen it, maybe it's time to watch it again and get all of the details you may have missed the first time around. 

In the episode, Thanksgiving is approaching and Georgie (Alisha Newton) puts her personal feelings about Peyton Westfield (Guest star Eliana Jones) aside and convinces Amy (Amber Marshall) to work with a high strung and dangerous jumping horse. Meanwhile, Jade (Madison Cheeatow) returns from Texas for the holiday weekend and Tim (Chris Potter) is forced to admit why he was so adamant she accept the rodeo scholarship. Wyatt (Dempsey Bryk) goes completely overboard trying to prove his affection for Georgie and it lands them in a comical but embarrassing and compromising situation. And when Lou (Michelle Morgan) can’t make it home for Thanksgiving, Jack (Shaun Johnston) and Lisa (Jessica Steen) try to save tradition by coercing a secret family recipe out of her.

Here are a couple of interesting facts about the episode:

This episode was directed familiar Heartland director, Rachel Leiterman and it was written by Ken Craw. Check them out on IMDB for details on other episodes this Heartland dream team were involved in.

The song featured at the end of the episode is "The Moments" by Phillip LaRue and you can listen to it on YouTube.
If that's not enough music from Heartland to keep you satisfied, here is a huge playlist of songs from every episode, thanks to CBC Music.

Can't watch this Sunday? Don't forget that every episode of Heartland is available to stream anytime on CBC.

Check back in tomorrow when we will be re-sharing the "First Look" for Sunday's encore presentation of 1115, and next week for some important news you won't want to miss!