So what do you think happens next?

Posted on Dec 9, 2014

Hopefully most of you have heard by now that the next NEW Heartland (aka Heartland Sunday here in Canada) featuring the premiere of episode 810 (the second part of the Pike River saga) is going to air on CBC-TV on Sunday, January 11.

You know what that means, right? Besides your favourite Blog Whisperer’s regular Thursday blog on this site there will also be more Tuesday Time Killers, starting today.

However, instead of a traditional puzzle or a mystery written by me -- there's more pressing mysteries shown to us last Sunday when “The Pike River Cull” (Episode 809) premiered on CBC.

So I think what would make a very interesting Time Killer would be if some of our creative fans (you know who you are) were to speculate on what episode 810 - “The Heart of a River” is going to be about.

Warning! If you've not yet seen episode 809 I am going to reveal some things, so watch it first and then come back here.

At the conclusion of 809, here is what was left unresolved -

  1. The fate of the wild horses. What will happen to them?
  2. Amy & Ty’s relationship. Where is this going?
  3. Peter and Lou’s marriage. What is going on here?
  4. Georgie possibly being removed from Heartland. Say, Whaaaaaaat?!?
  5. Tim and Casey, are they possibly going to be a solid couple?
  6. Will and Joanna. She wants to move while he refuses. Who will budge?
  7. The Grey Cup. Will the Stampeders bring it to Heartland?

Okay, the last one is not a real issue. I’m just having a laugh. I’m just having you on. I’m just pulling your leg. I’m just goofing around. I’m just being a Blog Whisperer.

But points 1 through 6 above, they all need resolutions. So I leave those up to you. Let’s see an episode outline telling us what is going to unfold in the next new episode of Heartland. Write it in the comments section below. I’m sure going to have a lot of fun reading them. I hope you have a lot of fun writing them!